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Buying Online

Buying Online Questions and Answers What is the shipping method of items purchased on-line?  The sender or merchant will send the item purchased online through an international courier like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Philpost, to name a few. The shipping cost will be paid depending on the arrangement of the Seller and Buyer. The value of all the contents and the specific description should be declared correctly at the Postage / air waybill. Wait for the copy of the Postage / Air Waybill to monitor the shipping of parcels going to the destination. Be reminded of all the regulations in the country...

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IMPORT PROCEDURES Postal Item Question and Answer How to send parcels via Postal Service?  The sender will ship the parcel at the post office abroad. The shipping cost or Postage will be paid upon booking. The value of the content and the specific description are required to be declared at the postage receipt. Wait for the copy of the Postage Receipt with tracking number to monitor the transport of parcel going to the intended destination. Take note of all the regulations at the country of import. How is the processing of Parcels in the Philippines Upon Arrival? All parcels...

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