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22 April 2024, 15:21 PM

Summary of Awards Contracts 2019

Title Contractor / Supplier Contract Amount Contract / P.O. No. Date
1 Provision of Janitorial Services Jaime Dimaano (Alert General Services Corporation) 3,286,588.80 BOC-GOODS-2019-04 Date of Project: 12/18/2019
2 Supply and Delivery of Fuel, Oil and Lubricant Leon Pausing II (Petron Corporation) 29,989,099.64 BOC-GOODS-2019-03 Date of Project: 12/05/2019
3 Supply and Delivery of Desktop Computers Erwin DC Cornejo (Advance Solutions, Inc.) 29,119,625.00 BOC-GOODS-2019-12 Date of Project: 12/13/2019
4 Delivery, Installation, Configuration, Operationalization/ Implementation, Support and Maintenance of IT Management Software and Monitoring Solution Mikaela Rodger Rose Dy (Trends and Technologies, Inc.) 39,880,800.00 BOC-GOODS-2019-11 Date of Project: 12/09/2019
5 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Configuration of Internal Administration Management System (IAMS) Desiree A. Sunglao (Cosmotech Philippines, Inc.) 50,000,000.00 BOC-GOODS-2019-10 Date of Project: 12/16/2019
6 Relational Database Management Software License with Support and Maintenance Ma. Nathalie Rose Regala (Joint Venture of Radenta Technologies Inc. And Active Business Solutions, Inc. ) 129,790,000.00 BOC-GOODS-2019-09 Date of Project: 11/15/2019
7 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Configuration and Migration of Disaster Recovery Server Ma. Nathalie Rose Regala (Joint Venture of Radenta Technologies Inc. And Active Business Solutions, Inc. ) 57,900,000.00 BOC-GOODS-2019-08 Date of Project: 11/15/2019
8 Supply and Delivery of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for Workstation Leila Marie Tominio (LSI Leading Technologies, Inc. ) 900,000.00 BOC-GOODS-2019-07 Date of Project: 10/30/2019
9 Supply and Delivery of 100 units of Mobile Computing Device Erwin DC Cornejo (Advance Solutions, Inc.) 8,119,600.00 BOC-GOODS-2019-05 Date of Project: 11/26/2019
10 Lease of Multi-Functional Photocopying Machines for the period July 01, 2019 to December 31, 2019 Richard T. Diaz (E-Copy Corporation) 2,320,000.00 BOC-GOODS-2019-01 Date of Project: 07/16/2019
11 Supply and Delivery of 15 units of lateral filing cabinet Jose P. Go (New A.G. Stylist Furniture) Php 135,000.00 POM-002-2019 Date of Project: 11/20/2019
12 Lease of Venue for BOC and COA Auditors Dialogue Conference Reynald Valenzuela (Diamond Hotel) Php 837,000.00 2019-10-00098 Date of Project: 10/28/2019
13 Supply and Delivery of Multi-Function Photocopying Machine Rhoniel B. Mahusay (Link Network Solutions Inc.) Php 5,100,000.00 2019-01 Date of Project: 10/25/2019
14 Lease of Venue for Customs Bonded Warehouse Summit Reynald Valenzuela (Diamond Hotel) Php 379,400.00 2019-10-00094 Date of Project: 10/19/2019
15 Lease of Venue for WCO Asia Pacific Security Project Jessica Dela Cruz (Midas Hotel) Php 91,000.00 2019-10-00093 Date of Project: 10/16/2019
16 Publication of CAO 15-2019 Jhun Velasquez (Manila Times Publishing Corp.) Php 56, 448. 00 2019-10-00089 Date of Project: 10/09/2019
17 Publication of CAO 12-2019 and CAO 13-2019 Jhun Velasquez (Manila Times Publishing Corp.) Php 224,380.80 2019-10-00088 Date of Project: 10/09/2019
18 Lease of Multi-Functional Photocopying Machine Richard T. Diaz (E-Copy Corporation) Php 2,320,200.00 2018-21 Date of Project: 07/12/2019
19 Lease of Venue for Media Workshop Adelline E. Borja (Hotel Jen Manila) Php 323,599.79 2019-08-00072 Date of Project: 08/20/2019
20 Publication of CAO-09 2019 Jhun Velasquez (Manila Times Publishing Corp.) Php 130,000.00 2019-08-00073 Date of Project: 08/23/2019
21 Supply and Delivery of 6 units Airconditioning Unit, 8 Units of Heavy Duty Scanner and 3 Units of Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Jhonel N. Nival (Moianjo Enterprises) Php 697,320.00 POM-001-2019 Date of Project: 09/16/2019
22 Conceptualization, Layout Design and Printing of BOC 2018 Annual Report Marie Alejandre (Cover and Pages Corporation) Php 187,500.00 2019-01-00006 Date of Project: 04/11/2018

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