Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) 2021
  Year CMO No Description
Download 2021 CMO 33-2021 Rules on the Use of Body-Worn Cameras in the Exercise of Customs Police Authority and other Customs Operations
Download 2021 CMO 32-2021 Electronic Advance Ruling System (e-ARS) for Valuation and Rules of Origin
Download 2021 CMO 31-2021 Establishment of the Bureau of Customs Personnel Development Committee
Download 2021 CMO 30-2021 Policies and Procedures for Funding Requests of Collection Districts
Download 2021 CMO 28-2021 DAO No. 21-04- in the Matter of the Application for General Safeguard Measures on the Importation of Motor Vehicles (Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles) from various countries (AHTN 2017 headings 87.03 and 87.04)
Download 2021 CMO 27-2021 Amendment to CMO No. 18-2021 to Expand the Coverage in the Establishment and Utilization of Prepayment Accounts
Download 2021 CMO 26-2021 Implementation of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Online Portal System
Download 2021 CMO 25-2021 Implementation of the Automated Routing and Monitoring System (ARMS) for Goods Declaration
Download 2021 CMO 24-2021 Rules and Regulations Implementing Customs Administrative Order No. 3-2020 on the Disposition of Forfeited and Abandoned Goods through Condemnation
Download 2021 CMO 23-2021 Amendment to BOC CMO No. 17-2020 Re: Certificate of Turnover of Resources (CTOR)
Download 2021 CMO 22-2021 Guidelines for Selection of National Customs subject Matter Experts, Resource Persons, Trainers and Lecturers and Nomination for the ASEAN Regional Customs Exports
Download 2021 CMO 21-2021 Mandatory Use of an Automated Inventory Management System (IMS) for Off-Dock and Off-Terminal Customs Facilities and Warehouses
Download 2021 CMO 20-2021 Implementation of the Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS) by All Registered Customs Bonded Warehouses
Download 2021 CMO 19-2021 Amendment to CMO 10-2021 on Working Hours re: Internal Administration Management System (IAMS) Implementation
Download 2021 CMO 18-2021 Revised Rules and Regulation on the Opening and Utilization of Prepayment Accounts
Download 2021 CMO 17-2021 Guidelines for the Implementation of the General Warehousing Bond (GWB) thru The Automated Bonds Management System (ABMS)
Download 2021 CMO 16-2021 Privacy Manual
Download 2021 CMO 15-2021 Interim Guidelines on the Implementation of Internal Administration Management System (IAMS)
Download 2021 CMO 14-2021 Order from the Department of Trade and Industry Amending DAO No. 20-11 on the Preliminary Determination of the Safeguard Measures Case on the Importation of Motor Vehicles from Various Countries
Download 2021 CMO 13-2021 Amendment to CMO No. 14-2014 with the Subject: Authority to Render Overtime Services with Pay for the Rank and File of the Bureau of Customs
Download 2021 CMO 12-2021 Guidelines on the Imposition of Penalties Relative to the Customs Accreditation of Importers and Brokers
Download 2021 CMO 11-2021 Imposition of Definitive General Safeguard Duty on Imported Cement from Covered Countries Pursuant to DAO 21-02
Download 2021 CMO 10-2021 Amendment and Supplemental Provisions to BOC CMO No. 24-2016 re Working Hours
Download 2021 CMO 09-2021 Guidance in the Implementation of CAO 05-2020 on Customs Clearance Procedures on Express Shipments
Download 2021 CMO 08-2021 Guidelines on the Utilization of the National Customs Enforcement Network (NCEN) System of the World Customs Organization (WCO)
Download 2021 CMO 07-2021 Updated Guidelines on the Retention/Renewal of Job Order and/or Contract of Service Personnel in the Bureau of Customs
Download 2021 CMO 06-2021 Order from The Department Of Trade and Industry for the Imposition of Provisional Safeguard Duties on Imported Vehicles in the Form of Cash Bond
Download 2021 CMO 05-2021 New National Procedure Codes for Lodgement of Conditionally Tax and/or Duty-Exempt Importations Under Section 800 of the CMTA
Download 2021 CMO 04-2021 Codification of the Appeals Procedures Under the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) and Relevant Rules and Regulations
Download 2021 CMO 03-2021 Compendium of Penalties, Liabilities or Obligations under the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations
Download 2021 CMO 02-2021 Supplemental Guidelines in the Implementation of Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 49-2019 on the Mandatory Filling-Up of Box No. 41 (Supplemental Units) in the Lodgment of the Goods Declaration in the E2M
Download 2021 CMO 01-2021 Guidelines in the Conduct of Values Transformation Program (VTP) Online Examinations in Accordance with the Performance Governance System (PGS)