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24 July 2024, 16:45 PM


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Dutiable Value(Foreign Currency)

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Customs Duty

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Customs Documentary Stamp Php30.00
Total Landed Cost(TLC)

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Value-Added Tax(VAT) Base

Multiply by: VAT rate 12%
Value Added Tax

Customs Duty

Value Added Tax

Excise Tax, if any

Customs Documentary Stamp Php30.00
Total Amount Due to the Government:

* We would like to remind you that the figure provided above is an estimate of duties and tax shipped via express couriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc..). Hence, it is intended only to give you an overview/range of the amount of duties and taxes payable. The actual amount of duties and taxes may differ from the estimated amount herein provided.

* Brokerage fee of 700 pesos will be applied to packages sent thru courier e.g. FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. as basis for the computation of VAT.

* To determine the insurance, use 2% of the FOB or FCA for general cargo and 4% for dangerous cargo.

* To determine the updated exchange rate, visit https://customs.gov.ph/.

* To identify the applicable rate of duty, refer to the Tariff Finder, click MFN and provide description of the product at http://tariffcommission.gov.ph/finder/index.php?page=tariff-finder3.

* To identify the applicable excise tax, refer to the Excise Tax Rates at https://www.bir.gov.ph/index.php/tax-information/excise-tax.html.

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