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Philippine Standard Time:
16 June 2024, 16:50 PM

The Philippine Trade Facilitation Committee (PTFC) Roadmap is an action plan containing the short-an-medium-term activities of the Committee that would lead to the provision of a world-class international trade getaway. The Roadmap describes the allocation of responsibilities among its member-agencies and the corresponding performance indicators of these tasks, as well as necessary resources and associated risks involved in achieving the goal of enhancing trade facilitation from 2022 to 2028.

The Roadmap is mainly centered on the Key Reform Areas (KRAs) identified by the member-agencies. These KRAs are geared towards achieving the PTFC’s vision of a transparent, inclusive, digital, efficient, and secure customs and trade procedures, while fostering better cross-border trade response. The KRAs include (1) Stakeholder Engagement; (2) Inter-agency Coordination; (3) Technology Infrastructure; (4) Legal and Regulatory Framework; (5) Emergency Response Measures; and (6) Support to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.

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