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Customs Administrative Order (CAO) 2019

2019 CAO 17-2019 Abandonment: Kinds, Effects and Treatment   Download
2019 CAO 16-2019 Government’s Right of Compulsory Acquisition   Download
2019 CAO 15-2019 Rules and Regulations for Customs Transit in the Customs Territory   Download
2019 CAO 14-2019 Amendment of CAO 1-2013 on Providing for New Rates of Services, Storage and Other Charges on Goods and Merchandise Stored at Customs Bonded Warehouse (CBW) Nos. 31, 55, 83, 124, 125, 182 and 185 operated by Philippine Skylanders Int’l. (PSI), Inc., Philippine Airlines, People’s Air Cargo (Paircargo), Delbros, Cargohaus, DHL Philippines and TMW Worldwide Express, within NAIA complex   Download
2019 CAO 13-2019 Customs Bonded Warehouses   Download
2019 CAO 12-2019 Transshipment of Goods   Download
2019 CAO 11-2019 Rules and Regulations on the Admission, Movement and Withdrawal of Goods in Free Zones   Download
2019 CAO 10-2019 Outsourcing of Non-Sovereign Customs Functions to Private Entities   Download
2019 CAO 09-2019 Establishment, Maintenance and Operations of Customs Facilities and Warehouses   Download
2019 CAO 08-2019 Policies on Admission, Movement, and Re-Exportation of Containers at the Seaports   Download
2019 CAO 07-2019 Pre-Lodgement Control Order and Alert Order   Download
2019 CAO 06-2019 Registration of Third Parties Dealing with the Bureau   Download
2019 CAO 05-2019 Rules and Regulations Governing the Registration of Customs Brokers Transacting with the Bureau of Customs and for Other Purposes   Download
2019 CAO 04-2019 Duty Drawback, Refund and Abatement   Download
2019 CAO 03-2019 Customs Jurisdiction and Exercise of Police Authority   Download
2019 CAO 02-2019 Marking of Imported Goods and Containers   Download
2019 CAO 01-2019 Post Clearance Audit and Prior Disclosure Program   Download

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