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Postal Item

Question and Answer

  • How to send parcels via Postal Service? 
    • The sender will ship the parcel at the post office abroad.
    • The shipping cost or Postage will be paid upon booking.
    • The value of the content and the specific description are required to be declared at the postage receipt.
    • Wait for the copy of the Postage Receipt with tracking number to monitor the transport of parcel going to the intended destination.
    • Take note of all the regulations at the country of import.
  • How is the processing of Parcels in the Philippines Upon Arrival?
    • All parcels unloaded from the carrying aircraft will be transferred under guard going to PhilPost-Central Mail Exchange Center Warehouse.
    • It will be received by the PhilPostWarehouseman at the inbounding area.
    • All parcels will undergo X-Ray and K9 Dog Sniffing.
    • It will be processed by the customs segregators and examiners to determine its status of “Pass” or “Subject”.
    • All parcels given the status “Pass” will proceed to the dispatching area of PhilPost, while parcels selected under “Subject” will undergo Physical Examination.
  • What is the process of Physical Examinations for Held Parcels?
    • All held Parcels were in accordance with all existing regulations:
      • All regulated or restricted goods which need additional requirements;
      • Question on declared value (if deemed to be low compared to customs reference value);
      • Generally described content of parcel; value declared of more than PHP 10,000.00;
      • and others.
    • PhilPost will notify the claimant of the parcel regarding compliances through notification letters or Cards.
    • Claimants may verify through the contact hotlines of Customs and PhilPost to expedite the process.
  • What is the process of Physical Examinations for parcels?
    • If the (Express Mail Service or EMS) claimant is addressed in Mega Manila (NCR and other nearby provinces), they will be notified by PhilPost to proceed at PhilPost CMEC Domestic Road Pasay City between Monday to Friday at 8am to 5pm to process the parcel. Prepare for (2) valid government IDs and Proof of Purchase (like invoice, payment receipt, online payment confirmation) for correct Customs valuation.
    • If the claimant’s address is in Mega Manila or in provinces for Ordinary Mail, Registered and Unregistered Mail, the Physical Examination will be conducted, witnessed by a Philpost Agent (as the claimant’s representative) under 24/7 security CCTV monitoring.
    • After Physical Examination, findings will be sent through a PhilPost Letter Notice / Card.
    • Claimants may contact the hotlines of Customs and PhilPost to expedite the process.
  • How is the processing of parcels with declared value of more than PHP 10,000?
    • There will be tax due to the government if the declared value is more than PHP 10,000. The tax  rate will depend on the item.
    • It may be paid directly to the Customs cashier at PhilPost CMEC or via local post office through a Postal Money Order (PMO).
    • If paid via PMO service, send a copy of the PMO Check (Payee Collector of Customs or Bureau of Customs) to the support email address: bocnaiafeedback@gmail.com.
    • Send all PMO Checks via registered mail addressed to: Sub-Port Collector of Customs PhilPost CMEC Domestic Road Pasay City.
    • Take note that the Bureau of Customs never requests payment via deposit or sending to a private / individual account.
  • What is the process for delivering parcels?
    • If cleared for delivery, all parcels will be dispatched by PhilPost to the respective local post office.
    • The local post office will notify the claimant to pick up or deliver the parcel.
    • Kindly coordinate to PhilPost to expedite the process:

PhilPost Customer Service Hotline

call (02) 8288 7678

or email phlpostcares@phlpost.gov.ph

Monday to Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Republic of the Philippines

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