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Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) 2020

2020 CMO 30-2020 Guidelines for the Implementation of the General Transport Bond thru the Automated Bond Management System (ABMS)    Download
2020 CMO 29-2020 Collection of General Safeguard Duty on Imported Cement pursuant to Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Order No. 20-08   Download
2020 CMO 28-2020 Revocation of CMO No. 11-2020 re: Temporary Delegation by Export Coordination Division (ECD) to Export Division (ED) the function of pre-evaluation of exporters and their export products for certificate of origin issuance purposes   Download
2020 CMO 27-2020 Extension of the Imposition of Anti-Dumping Duty on Wheat Flour Imports from Turkey for a Period of Three (3) Years   Download
2020 CMO 26-2020 Rules and Regulations in the Disposition of Goods Under Customs Custody Through Negotiated Sale   Download
2020 CMO 25-2020 Guidelines on Refund and Tax Credit   Download
2020 CMO 24-2020 Guidelines in the Implementation of the ASEAN Wide Certification Scheme   Download
2020 CMO 22-2020 Program for Development of In-House Subject Matter Experts, Resource Persons, and Trainers of the Bureau of Customs    Download
2020 CMO 21-2020 Enhanced Cargo Selectivity System   Download
2020 CMO 19-2020 Guidelines in the Implementation of Container Control Programme (CCP) and the Port Control Office (PCO) pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding between the BOC and UNODC-WCO   Download
2020 CMO 18-2020 Guidelines on the Use of Three Fast Patrol Vessels for the Conduct of Maritime Border Protection Activities, and the Creation of the Maritime Special Task Group (MAR-STG)    Download
2020 CMO 17-2020 Preparation and Submission of Certificate of Turnover of Resources (CTOR)   Download
2020 CMO 16-2020 Implementation of the Enhanced Value Reference Information System (e-VRIS) in the Electronic to Mobile (E2M) System   Download
2020 CMO 15-2020 Guidelines on the Accreditation and Supervision of Value Added Service Providers for the E2M (E2M-VASPs)    Download
2020 CMO 14-2020 Creation of the Bureau of Customs Program and Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC) and Program Performance and Budget Execution Review (PPBER)   Download
2020 CMO 13-2020 Policies and Guidelines for Availment of Scholarship Programs of the Bureau of Customs   Download
2020 CMO 12-2020 Policies and Guidelines for Participation in Learning and Development Programs of Bureau of Customs Personnel    Download
2020 CMO 11-2020 Period of Registration Status for Accredited Authorized Agent Banks (AABs)   Download
2020 CMO 10-2020 Summary Abandonment Proceedings during Enhanced Community Quarantine   Download
2020 CMO 09-2020 Implementing the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program established under CAO 5-2017 for Importers and Exporters   Download
2020 CMO 08-2020 Guidelines in the Implementation of the Zero Contact Policy at the Assessment Offices in the Bureau of Customs   Download
2020 CMO 07-2020 Interim Procedure on Provisional Goods Declaration (PGD)   Download
2020 CMO 06-2020 Automated Clearance Procedures for Commercial Goods Under the Informal Entry Process   Download
2020 CMO 05-2020 Implementing Department of Health (DOH) Department Circular No 2020-0034 re Guidelines at All Seaports for Prevention and Spread of Novel Corona Virus Acute Respiratory Disease (2019-nCOV ARD)   Download
2020 CMO 04-2020 Establishment of an Electronic Tracking of Containerized Cargo System (E-TRACC System) and Accreditation of a Service Provider for the Purpose   Download
2020 CMO 03-2020 The Policies and Guidelines of the Bureau of Customs on the Observance of its National Flag Raising and Lowering Ceremonies    Download
2020   CMO 01-2020 Implementation of the Modified Goods Declaration Verification System (GDVS)   Download

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