Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) 2022
  Year CMO No Description
Download 2022 CMO 17-2022 Implementation Guidelines in the Integration of Electronic to Mobile System and Electronic Tracking of Containerized Cargo System
Download 2022 CMO 16-2022 Amendment to Customs Memorandum Order No. 10-2021 re: Amendment and Supplemental Provisions to BOC CMO No. 24-2016 re: Working Hours
Download 2022 CMO 15-2022 Rules and Regulations Implementing Customs Administrative Order (CAO) No. 12-2019 on the Transshipment of Goods
Download 2022 CMO 14-2022 Guidelines in the Conduct of Bureau of Customs Team Building Activities (TBA)
Download 2022 CMO 12-2022 Guidelines in the Issuance of Ammunition for Customs Personnel with BOC-Issued Firearms
Download 2022 CMO 11-2022 Implementation of the Electronic Customs Baggage and Currency Declaration (eCBCD) System
Download 2022 CMO 10-2022 Rating Criteria for Selection and Evaluation of Candidates for Hiring and Promotion to First and Second Level Positions, including Executive Managerial Positions in the Bureau of Customs
Download 2022 CMO 09-2022 Guidelines in the Implementation of the Liquidation and Billing System and Post Entry Modification of SAD by the Liquidation and Billing Division or equivalent Unit
Download 2022 CMO 35-2021 Bureau of Customs Policy on Prescribed Dress Code in the Workplace
Download 2022 CMO 08-2022 Addendum to CMO No. 31-2019 Entitled Amendment to CMO No. 05-2018 (Revised Guidelines for Accreditation of Importers and Customs Brokers)
Download 2022 CMO 07-2022 Addendum to CMO 41-2015 with Subject “Revised Rates to be Charged by Off-Dock and Off-Terminal CFW Operators and Compliance with CMO No. 32-2015
Download 2022 CMO 06-2022 Amended Freedom of Information Manual
Download 2022 CMO 05-2022 Implementation of the Offense Management System (OMS) of the Bureau of Customs
Download 2022 CMO 04-2022 Training and Continuing Education Program for BOC Personnel Under the Customs Training Institute
Download 2022 CMO 03-2022 Revised Rules and Regulations on the Establishment, Supervision, Operation and Control of Customs Bonded Warehouses (CBWs)
Download 2022 CMO 02-2022 Amendment to Customs Memorandum Order No. 22-2021 dated May 20, 2021
Download 2022 CMO 01-2022 Bureau of Customs Information Security Policy