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20 June 2024, 06:55 AM

Port of Legazpi Caps Internal Audit 2, Preps for Management Review

November 22, 2021

There was no major non-conformity found, while there were five (5) minor non-conformities and seven (7) opportunities for improvement.

MGen. Leandro A. Loyao, the head of the Interim Internal Quality Management System (IQMS) Office, and Team Leader of the BOC IQMS Audit Team, emphasized that the purpose of the audit is not to criticize but to be treated as an opportunity to improve the port’s processes.

Prior to the external audit, the Port of Legazpi will have its Management Review, scheduled on January 2022, to assess the performance of the Quality Management System and to determine the activities that would ensure its continuing adequacy, compliance, and effectiveness.

The adoption of the quality management system is a strategic decision of the Bureau of Customs to help improve its overall performance and as part of its good governance program.

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