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13 June 2024, 03:21 AM

MICP Convenes Consultation Meeting With PCBAPI

November 22, 2021

To address the concerns of the stakeholders regarding port congestion and long queuing of trucks at the Manila International Container Port, Acting District Collector Romeo Allan R. Rosales, together with Atty. Edward R. Ibera, Deputy Collector for Assessment, Atty. Rey Roland F. Bergado, Chief of Formal Entry Division, Mr. Antonio Meliton T. Pascual, Chief Customs Operations Officer (CCOO), and Mr. Florante F. Ricarte, Supervising Customs Operating Officer (SVCOO), met with the officers of the Practicing Customs Brokers Association of the Philippines (PCBAPI) headed by Reynaldo T. Soliman on 16 November 2021 to discuss cooperation and remedial measures in order to ensure the expeditious release of goods discharged at the port.

During the said meeting, PCBAPI was informed that the MICP is rendering a 24-hour service to cater to shipments scheduled for examination at the X-ray Inspection Project- Designated Examination Area (XIP-DEA). Collector Rosales added that one of the causes of the delay especially during examinations conducted early in the morning and late in the afternoon is the absence of the consignee’s representative, whose presence as a witness is required under the CMTA.

As a remedy to the situation, MICP has partnered with the Chamber of Customs Brokers Inc. (CCBI), which shall send representatives as witnesses during the examination of containers in instances where the importers’ or brokers’ representatives are not present. In response, the PCBAPI indicated that it will also be sending representatives to act as witnesses for the same purposes.

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