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July 7, 2017

The Bureau requires that only compliant Importers remain accredited.

Posted is a list of accredited importers with seized and/or forfeited shipments within the covered period of 01 July 2010 to 31 December 2016.

1. Manila International Container Port (MICP)

2. Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)

3. Port of Manila (POM)

4. Port of Batangas

5. Port of Cagayan de Oro

6. Port of Cebu

7. Port of Clark

8. Port of Davao

9. Port of Iloilo

10. Port of Legazpi

11. Port of Limay – Aparri

12. Port of San Fernando La Union

13. Port of Subic

14. Port of Zamboanga

Accredited importers who have seized and/or forfeited shipments are administratively liable and be subject to cancellation or revocation of customs accreditation privileges in accordance with pertinent customs laws, rules and regulations, unless satisfactory explanation is provided to refute and dispute the same.

How to Submit Your Written Explanation

In order to facilitate trade and to ensure that only compliant importers remain accredited by the Bureau, importers are given a period of fifteen (15) calendar days from date of email notification within which to submit their written explanation, unless said explanation was previously undertaken in compliance with the show cause orders of the Bureau’s Account Management Office (AMO).

If the submitted email address is incorrect /erroneous, the period of fifteen (15) calendar days shall be reckoned from this date of posting in the Bureau’s website which serves as sufficient notice.

This period is non-extendible.

One (1) set of said written explanation with attachments, as applicable, shall be filed with AMO and emailed to amo@customs.gov.ph, using the attached template for explanation. The period of submission shall be counted from the receipt date of the COMPLETELY FILLED OUT written explanation. AMO, may at its discretion, require the appearance of the attorney-in-fact of the accredited importer who should be the authorized person to transact with the Bureau based on the importer’s AMO Accreditation Application.

The written explanation should clearly and succinctly state the reasons why their customs accreditation privileges should not be cancelled /revoked. Failure to comply with this directive shall be deemed as a waiver on their part to provide an explanation and their customs accreditation privileges shall be cancelled or revoked.

Timeline for BOC Action:

AMO shall act on the written explanations within thirty (30) days from receipt.

Thereafter, the corresponding Memorandum, resolving the issues at hand, shall be prepared for the approval and consideration of the Commissioner, as endorsed by the Director, Legal Service, and noted by the Deputy Commissioner, RCMG.

The offices of the Director Legal Service, the Deputy Commissioner, RCMG and the Commissioner shall act on the submitted AMO memorandum within two (2) working days of receipt, or a maximum of six (6) working days.

Please be guided accordingly.

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and Deputy Commissioner, MISTG

Republic of the Philippines

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