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19 April 2024, 23:02 PM

High Hopes for BOC-Dadiangas Despite Quakes

November 8, 2019

Barely on her first month as the new Port Collector of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) Sub-Port of Dadiangas, Elenita Abaño is pleased with the support she is getting from her District Collector Atty. Erastus Sandino B. Austria of the BOC Port of Davao, her Dadiangas sub-office staff and with the customs stakeholders here.

After hitting its collection target for the month of October, 2019 when its total collection for the period reached 258,217,011.00, surpassing its 186,240,845.97 collection target by 138.65%, Abaño stressed that, even if General Santos City recently suffered two major earth quakes, she is still hopeful that through their aggressive efforts to promote the potentials of the city as an ideal international trade hub, their initiatives will eventually pay off, in terms of increased revenue collection and strengthened campaign against smuggling and other form of illicit trade.

“General Santos City has a vibrant economy, and even if it suffered some setbacks because of the earthquakes, it will easily recover because of its strategic location and existing international standard port and seaport facilities,” Abaño said.

The BOC GenSan Office’s collection performance for the month of October, was a big sigh of relief for the sub-office, after struggling with its revenue collections since January this year, except for the months of June and July when it was able to meet its collection target.

As a sub-port of the BOC Davao District Office, Abaño is grateful for her District Collector’s support for her programs to enhance her office’s collection performance and to strengthen its anti-smuggling and anti-corruption initiatives.

Already, Abaño has reached out to customs stakeholders when she met them to hear their concerns and to discuss with them the things they could do together, if only to raise the level of service efficiency of her office and to strengthen their cooperation.

“I know that we have to strengthen the trust among us in the Bureau of Customs and customs stakeholders, that is why we are reaching out to them and opening doors, if only to promote transparency at BOC GenSan,” Abaño added.

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