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18 April 2024, 09:22 AM

BOC Port of Dadiangas’ Collection Bolstered Anew

January 7, 2020

The last quarter revenue collection of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) Port of Dadiangas was bolstered anew with its remarkable collection performance for the month of December 2019.

According to Dadiangas Port Collector Elenita Abaño, as early as December 27, the port’s total revenue collection had already surpassed its collection target of P225,956,107 for the month of December by P 107,616,583. Its total collection had already reached P 337, 522,691, representing a 149% positive deviation from its monthly collection target.

The port’s collection target for the month of December this year before it was raised to P 225,956,107 was only P 119 million.

Port of Dadiangas is a subport of the BOC Davao District Office is under the leadership of District Collector Erastus Sandino Austria. Abaño attributes her port’s collection milestones to the support her office is getting from the Bureau’s head office, particularly the Office of the Commissioner, as well as that of her port’s mother unit in Davao.

“The operational and physical reforms we have made since I assumed office at the Port of Dadiangas in October this year, no matter how limited, have helped in boosting our collection performance,” Abaño said.

“But the reforms we have started at the port is a work in progress. More will definitely come,” she added.

Already, Abaño has made an earlier request to the Office of the Customs Commissioner for an on-site office of the Bureau’s X-ray personnel at the Port of Dadiangas. This is outside of operational reforms to facilitate the conversion of overstaying shipment to cash revenues.

“We’re making the necessary improvements and initiatives to do business at our port, not only efficient, but convenient as well, to both its clients and customs personnel. More importantly, this is in line with Commissioner Guerrero’s thrust to rationalize and revitalize transactions at the ports,” Abaño said.

Abaño is not, however, optimistic in meeting the port’s collection target for 2019 because of its earlier monthly collection shortfalls, but she is hopeful that with the continuing reforms at BOC Port of Dadiangas, 2020 could be a better year for the office.

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