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Philippine Standard Time:
23 June 2024, 17:24 PM

BOC – Port of Limay Foils Entry of Smuggled Fuel

October 13, 2023

The Bureau of Customs – Port of Limay seized a truck carrying 40,000 liters of smuggled fuel valued at P2.4 million.

On October 5, 2023, in an early morning operation led by Acting District Collector Guillermo Pedro A. Francia, authorities observed a fuel loaded truck attempting to pass through the checkpoint, which when flagged down failed to present proper documentation.

In response, Collector Francia directed the Port of Limay Enforcement and Security Service (ESS) to conduct a field test on the fuel in the trailer tanker. The test results indicated a “fail,” prompting a more in-depth investigation by the ESS – Customs Police Division (CPD). Subsequent verification of the initial test result led to the confiscation of the smuggled fuel.

Upon establishing probable cause to warrant the seizure of the subject truck and fuel products, authorities took possession of thereof including the 40,000 liters of unmarked fuel valued at P2.4 million.

Collector Francia emphasized their commitment in strengthening the anti-smuggling campaign through the implementation of regular checkpoints in their area of jurisdiction. These efforts aim to detect and prevent the illegal transport of goods, ensuring the protection of the country’s economic interests and upholding the rule of law. He further added that buyers of such unmarked fuel run the risk of not only losing the illegally imported fuel they bought but also the truck carrying the fuel, which is valued at around P5 million.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Bienvenido Y. Rubio commended Collector Francia and the Port of Limay for their active monitoring and patrolling of country’s borders against illicit trade. “The Bureau of Customs remains steadfast in its dedication to thwarting illegal smuggling operations and safeguarding the nation’s economy. This successful operation reflects the unwavering commitment of our dedicated personnel,” said Commissioner Rubio.

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