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Philippine Standard Time:
13 June 2024, 05:49 AM

The Philippine Bureau of Customs

March 20, 2024


The Bureau of Customs (BOC) stands as the second-largest revenue-generating agency under the Department of Finance. Originally established with the primary goal of collecting duties and taxes for the national government, BOC has transformed over the years into an agency dedicated to fostering economic growth and ensuring national security through its commitment to trade facilitation, border control, and revenue collection.

Driven by our vision, we aspire to become a modernized and credible customs administration, globally recognized as one of the best, steadfastly upholding principles of good governance. Our core values—professionalism, excellence, integrity, and accountability—serve as our guiding principles in this pursuit.

The Bureau of Customs remains dedicated to creating an environment that promotes efficiency, transparency, and trust, contributing significantly to national progress and furthering our role in the country’s economy and security.

Republic of the Philippines

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