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Philippine Standard Time:
13 July 2024, 04:00 AM

Port of Surigao Exceeds May Target Collection

January 16, 2021

Steadfast with the Bureau’s mandate to collect lawful revenues, the Bureau of Customs Port of Surigao has exceeded its May target collection by 252.6%. The Port has successfully collected Php 9.48 Million against its target of Php 2.83 Million with a deviation of Php 6.8 Million.

District Collector Noli P. Santua, Jr. expressed his appreciation for the collaborative efforts of the men and women in the port and its sub-ports, which despite the pandemic, the Surigao Team has consistently delivered positive revenue collection performance.

To date, a total of Php 22,013,766.82 was collected for January to May 2021 against the collection target of Php 15,334,000.00 with a surplus of Php 6,679,766.00 or 43.56 %. The Port is hopeful to collect more revenues in the coming months from the importation of coal, heavy equipment, and other sources.

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