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Philippine Standard Time:
13 June 2024, 01:39 AM

Port of Batangas Holds 4th Quarterly Strategy Review

November 10, 2021

In preparation to the forthcoming Internal Quality Audit and Proficiency Stage Revalida, the Port of Batangas led by District Collector Atty. Ma. Rhea M. Gregorio and Deputy Collector for Administration, Joseph G. Escasio held its 4th Quarterly Strategy Review on 08 November 2021.

Deputy Collector Escasio discussed Port Risk and Opportunities, updates of the compliances on deliverables of Action Plan 2021, update of Governance Scorecard of the Port and review of External Audit Findings from Surveillance Audit last April 2021.

District Collector Gregorio, on the other hand, reviewed governance documents of divisions and laid out the plans and schedule of Port activities and monitoring in relation to the upcoming audit and Revalida on late November.

Collector Gregorio with Escasio’s leadership in administration ensures 100% compliance to PGS initiatives and ISO requirements.

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