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Philippine Standard Time:
28 May 2024, 09:18 AM


March 3, 2017

Upon CPSB deliberation of appeals and re-evaluation of applications, the following applicants for promotion are hereby qualified to take the written examination on 06 March 2017, 10:00 a.m. onwards:

President’s Room, CCBC, 4/F, POM Bldg., Port Area, Manila:
Name Position/s Applied Port/ Group/ Division/s
1 Acharon, Amelito O. ACOO NAIA
2 Adan, Belmar L. COO I NAIA
3 Apolonio, Amalia B. COO II



4 Balila, Samuel M. ITO I MISTG
5 Bañez, Ma. Pajita F. IO I Intelligence Group
6 Cerdenia, Carmencita T. SVCOO Port of Manila
7 Co, Merly O. SVCOO NAIA

8 De Guzman, Aris C. IO III Intelligence Group
9 Gamboa, Renato C. SVCOO Port of Manila
10 Garcia, Renato B. COO I NAIA
11 Mamadra, Rosalinda P. SVCOO NAIA
12 Mamadra, Uthman F. SVCOO NAIA
13 Manganip, Marjorie B. IA II Intelligence Group
14 Melgar, Alex L. COO III Port of Manila
15 Mendoza, Aurelio A. SA I Intelligence Group
16 Nantes, Warren V. COO III Port of Manila
17 Ochoa, Nelly S. COO V NAIA
18 Parreño, Mary Catherine L. CMT II MISTG
19 Pasco, Erlinda M. COC II Sub-port of Mariveles, Port of Limay
20 Patricio, Zenaida A. SA II Intelligence Group
21 Rapa, Profetizo M. COO V Port of Manila
22 Regala, Jaime L. SI II Intelligence Group
23 Rodriguez, Ramon F. COO V NAIA
24 Tarun, Ma. Lea B. SVCOO NAIA
25 Tomas, Omar G. COO III Port of Limay
26 Valerozo, Carmelita V. COO III Intelligence Group

Examination venue to be determined by the Local PSB:
Name Position/s Applied Port/ Group/ Division/s
1 Ali, Luzminda L. COO IV

Port of Zamboanga
2 Fermilan, Luzviminda A. ACOO Port of Davao
3 Goling, Doma P. COO I Port of Surigao
4 Magdadarao, Melody Y. COO II

Port of Davao
5 Managula, Joshua C. SPL Enforcement Group
6 Marohomsalic, Lalas S. COO III Port of Davao
7 Pavadora, Quinciano B. COC II Sub-port of Dadiangas and Sub-port of Parang, Port of Davao
8 Sarmiento, Lea F. COO III Port of Subic
9 Sumayan, Suharto A. COO III

Port of Davao

Supplemental Instructions

For the examinees:

The HRMD representatives shall administer the written examination to applicants in Item 1.1.

Examinees specified in Item 1.2. shall take the written examination at the Collection District where they are currently assigned.

Examinees shall be at the venue 30 minutes before the schedule for verification.

Examinees shall only bring ballpen/s (black/blue ink) and BOC-issued ID card.

Examinees who fail to take the examination shall no longer proceed to the next stage of the promotion process (i.e. interview).

All travel expenses relative to the examination shall be shouldered by the examinees.

For the concerned Local PSBs:

Members of the concerned Local PSBs or any authorized Administrative Officer shall administer the written examination to applicants in Item 1.2 on the schedule specified above.

All answered examination questionnaires shall be transmitted to the HRMD through hrmd@gmail.com (for scanned copies) or through fax at (02) 527-1944 not later than 12 noon, 06 March 2017. Further, the original copies of the said questionnaires shall be submitted/mailed to the HRMD on the same date.

The assigned officer shall ensure that all pages of the examination questionnaire are duly signed by the examinees.

The HRMD shall transmit via e-mail the questionnaire and all other necessary documents an hour prior to the examination schedule. The recipient of the said documents shall be the official e-mail address of the port’s Administration Office where promotions-related communications are usually sent.
No applicants shall be authorized to take the written examination other than those specified above.

The CPSB Secretariat shall issue supplemental instructions as deemed necessary.

For information and strict compliance.

Head Secretariat, CPSB

OIC-Deputy Commissioner, IAG
Chairperson, CPSB

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