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Philippine Standard Time:
23 June 2024, 17:20 PM


December 15, 2023

TO:       The Owner/Proprietor




Notice is hereby given that the above-mentioned article/s have been seized pursuant to pursuant Section 117, in relation to Section 1113 of the CMTA.


The above-entitled case will be heard at the Office of the Law Division (2nd Floor of Prefabricated Building, Bureau of Customs, Gate 3, South Harbor, Port Area Manila) on December 20, 2023 at 10:00 A.M.


In connection thereto, you are required submit a summary of admitted facts and proposed stipulation of facts on above-said date and place of hearing, thereafter, you are directed to submit a Position Paper, together with all documentary evidences, if possible certified by the government agency which issued the same, and affidavits of your witness/es and stating the law and jurisprudence pertinent thereto within seven (7) calendar days from said hearing, and the case shall be deemed submitted for resolution, unless a clarificatory hearing is necessary. Failure to comply with the foregoing shall be deemed a waiver, the case will be resolved based on the evidence at hand.


Port of Manila, Philippines, December 14, 2023.


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Republic of the Philippines

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