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Philippine Standard Time:
17 June 2024, 03:31 AM

Final Notice to File/Claim Importation at Port of Manila

November 16, 2023

Pursuant to the Memorandum dated 15 November 2023, Lourdes T. Guevarra, Chief, Informal Entry Division, requested for the issuance of Decree of Abandonment, let this be a Final Notice for you to claim/lodge/file the required goods declaration and pay the duties and taxes for the above-described shipment otherwise the same shall be deemed abandon in accordance with CAO 13-2020 and Section 1129 of the CMTA.


Kindly disregard this Notice if you have already filed/lodged the Goods Declaration, have paid the duties and taxes and other charges thereon and have claimed the goods within the prescribed period.

Republic of the Philippines

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