E – mail Address Landline/
Office of the Commissioner Commissioner Bienvenido Y. Rubio 8527-4573
Internal Administration Group Deputy Commissioner Donato B. San Juan [email protected] 8527-4507
  Director, Administration Office Michael C. Fermin [email protected] 8527-4518
  Director, Financial Management Office Bienvenido R. Datuin Jr. [email protected] 8527-4525
Assessment & Operations Coordinating Group Deputy Commissioner Atty. Vener S. Baquiran [email protected] 8527-4506
  Director, Import & Assessment Service Atty. Yasser Ismail A. Abbas [email protected] 8526-6372
  Director, Port Operations Service  – 8527-4476
Revenue Collection Monitoring Group Deputy Commissioner Atty. Edward James A. Dy Buco [email protected] 8523-2390
  Acting Director, Legal Service Atty. Maria Yasmin Obillos-Mapa [email protected] 8527-0216
  Executive Director,BATAS Atty. Maria Yasmin Obillos Mapa [email protected]
  OIC Director, Financial Service Cecile Marie C. Soriano [email protected] 8527-4575
  Director, Collection Service Atty. Alvin H. Ebreo [email protected] 8527-3727
Intelligence Group Deputy Commissioner Juvymax R. Uy [email protected] 8526-8759
  OIC Director, Intelligence & Investigation Service Jeoffrey C. Tacio [email protected] 8527-4516
Enforcement Group Deputy Commissioner Atty. Teddy Sandy S. Raval [email protected]
  Acting Director, Enforcement & Security Service Isabelo A. Tibayan III [email protected] 8527-4710
Management Information System & Technology Group Officer-In-Charge Atty. Kriden F. Balgomera [email protected] 8705-6081
  Director, Planning & System Development Service Manolo M. Samarita [email protected] (02) 8705-6037
  OIC Director, Technology Management Service Jonathan T. Soriano [email protected] (02) 8705-6058
Post Clearance Audit Group Assistant Commissioner Atty. Vincent Philip C. Maronilla [email protected] 87056081
CD1, Port of SAN FERNANDO District Collector Arsenia C. Ilagan [email protected] (072) 607- 9066 (072) 888-7434
   Sub-Port of PEZA Baguio Sub-Port Collector Eufemio T. Rasco III [email protected] (074)447-4104
   Sub-Port of Sual Sub-Port Collector Atty. Ruby Claudia M. Alameda [email protected] n/a
   Sub-Port of Salomague n/a n/a n/a (072)888-5581
CD2A, Port of MANILA District Collector Michael Angelo DC. Vargas [email protected] Assessment 0947-358-6089 Operations 0961-983-7052; 0956-925-2594 Export-0923-903-8075
   Sub-Port of Harbor Center Sub-Port Collector Noah M. Dimaporo [email protected] (02) 480-1729
   Sub-Port of Masinloc n/a n/a n/a n/a
   Customs Postal Office Acting Sub-Port Collector Zaldy E. Almoradie [email protected]  
   Sub-Port of PEZA- Cavite Officer in Charge Arestil Arnold M. Famor [email protected] (046) 9712453
Sub-Port of EPZA Laguna Sub-Port Collector Ma. Fe A. Recinto [email protected] n/a
CD2B, MANILA INTERNATIONAL Container Port Acting District Collector Arnoldo L. Famor [email protected] 82452796 Loc. 2402
Sub-Port of North Harbor Acting Sub-Port Collector Arienito Antonio M. Claveria [email protected] 2453021
CD3, NINOY AQUINO International Airport District Collector Carmelita M. Talusan [email protected] 0919-925-6785; 0932-844-3390
   Manila Domestic Airport Officer In Charge Mark Jhon O. Almase [email protected] 877-1109 loc. 3759
   Airmail Distribution Center (CMEC) Acting Sub-Port Collector Mark Jhon O. Almase [email protected] 854-4613 854-0291
CD4, Port of BATANGAS District Collector Atty. Ma. Rhea M. Gregorio [email protected] 0995-459-7555;(043) 722-0705
   Sub-Port of Siain Sub-Port Collector Aristotle A. Hidalgo [email protected] (042) 302-9704
   Sub-Port of Puerto Princesa Sub-Port Collector Gladys D. Fontanilla-Estrada [email protected] (048) 434-3124
CD5, Port of LEGAZPI Acting District Collector Segundo Sigmundfreud Z. Barte Jr. [email protected] 0912-475-2588; 0915-261-9622
   Sub-Port of Tabaco n/a n/a n/a n/a
   Sub-Port of Jose Panganiban Sub-Port Collector Remy L. Montallana [email protected] n/a
CD6, Port of ILOILO Acting District Collector Ciriaco D. Ugay [email protected] 033-3375830
   Sub-Port of Pulupandan Acting Sub-Port Collector Julius B. Premediles  [email protected] n/a
Kalibo International Airport Sub-port Collector Renevic A. Soliman [email protected] n/a
CD7, Port of CEBU Acting District Collector Atty. Elvira Cruz [email protected] (032) 353-0766; (0917) 507-2906
   Sub-Port of Mactan Sub-Port Collector Gerardo A. Campo [email protected] (032) 344-2209
   Sub-Port of Dumaguete Sub-Port Collector Atty. Geniefelle P. Lagmay [email protected] (072) 511-5775
CD8, Port of TACLOBAN Acting District Collector Atty. Francis T. Tolibas [email protected] 09175272351
   Sub-Port of Isabel n/a n/a n/a 327-4888
   Sub-Port of Catbalogan Officer-In-Charge Paulino K. Cabello [email protected] n/a
   Sub-Port of San Jose Sub-Port Collector Paulino K. Cabello [email protected] n/a
CD9, Port of SURIGAO District Collector Jonah Herbert P. Dollano [email protected] (086) 826-8678
   Sub-Port of Bislig Sub-Port Collector Gemma G. Trozo [email protected] n/a
   Sub-Port of Nasipit Acting Sub-port Collector Atty. Noel L. Espenilla [email protected] (085) 300-0295
CD10, Port of CAGAYAN DE ORO District Collector Alexandra Y. Lumontad [email protected] (088) 856-9406
   Sub-Port of Iligan Sub-Port Collector Nasrudin D. Guro [email protected] (063) 221-6066
   Sub-Port of Ozamis OIC Sub-Port Collector Vincent A. Villanueva [email protected] n/a
   Mindanao Container Terminal Sub-Port Collector Marietta D. Zamoranos [email protected] (088)742642
CD11, Port of ZAMBOANGA Acting District Collector Arthur G. Sevilla Jr [email protected] (062) 992 6844
   Zamboanga International Airport Officer In Charge Zahreeb A. Jaljis [email protected] (062) 992-1833
   Sub-Port of Jolo Sub-Port Collector Luzminda L. Ali [email protected]  
   Sub-Port of Tawi – Tawi Sub-Port Collector Felimon Pura [email protected] n/a
   Sub-Port of Basilan Acting Sub-Port Collector Nurin H. Hakimin [email protected] n/a
CD12, Port of DAVAO District Collector Atty. Erastus Sandino B. Austria [email protected] (082) 233-1258; (082) 224-9691
   Sub-Port of Dadiangas Acting Sub-Port Collector Orlando C. Orlino [email protected] (083) 552-8890
   Sub-port of Mati n/a n/a n/a (087) 388-3294
   Sub-Port of Parang Acting Sub-Port Collector Atty. Mohammad M. Ben-Usman [email protected] (064) 421-2336
CD13, Port of SUBIC Acting District Collector Maritess T. Martin [email protected] (047) 252 7465
CD14, Port of CLARK Officer in Charge John M. Simon [email protected] (045) 499-0831
CD15, Port of APARRI District Collector Elenita A. Abano [email protected] (078) 888-0721
   Sub-Port of Irene Acting Sub-Port Collector Philip M. Sabayton [email protected] n/a
   Sub-Port of Currimao Acting Sub-Port Collector Ma. Luisa P. Relon [email protected] (077) 670-8406
   Laoag International Airport Acting Sub-Port Collector Raechelle H. Baviera [email protected] (077) 670-8406
   Sub-Port of Claveria n/a n/a n/a (077) 670-8406
CD16, Port of LIMAY District Collector Atty. William B. Balayo [email protected] (047) 633-1996
Sub-Port of Mariveles n/a n/a n/a (047) 935-4746