Port OperationsCustoms AccreditationBOC Launching of National Customs Enforcement Network (NCEN)
Selectivity SystemFines and SurchargesGuidelines on Processing of Balikbayan Boxes and Parcels
Value Reference SystemE2M StabilizationCustoms Clearance Procedure for Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs


San Fernando 1st Quarter Stakeholders Engagement & Webinar
POM Port of Manila’s 1st Quarter Stakeholders’ Virtual Forum
MICP 1st Quarterly Webinar on Latest Customs Procedures and Policies on DTI Regulated Shipments
NAIA BOC NAIA-FDA Pharmaceuticals Stakeholders’ Forum
Batangas Webinar on Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program
Legazpi BOC Port of Legazpi Stakeholders’ Engagement
Iloilo Meeting with Agricultural Sector Stakeholders
Cebu Meeting with the Port’s Top Petroleum, Coal, Steel, and Cement Importers
Tacloban Webinar on Latest Customs Procedures and Policies on CMO 09-2022 and CMC No. 266-2021
Surigao 1st Quarter Stakeholders’ Engagement 2022
Cagayan De Oro Bureau of Customs-Port of Cagayan de Oro’s 4th Webinar on Customs Policies and Operations
Zamboanga1st Quarter Stakeholders’ Dialogue
Davao Latest Customs Updates on Policies and Procedures
Subic Port of Subic’s Updates on Importations
Clark 1st Quarterly Meeting with External Stakeholders
AparriPort of Aparri’s 2022 1st Quarter Stakeholders’ Forum
LimayUpdates on Customs Policies and Procedures


San Fernando Overview of Enforcement and Security Service, Exercise of Police Authority and Updates on Assessment MattersStakeholders’ MeetingPort of San Fernando’s 3rd Quarter Stakeholders’ Meeting4th Quarter Stakeholders’ Meeting
POM Webinar on Customs Policies and Operations2nd Webinar on Customs Policies and Operations3rd Quarter Stakeholders’ Virtual ForumExport Forum on the Implementation of the Online Release System, Cancellation of Export Declaration, and Other Concerns on Export and Port Operations
MICP Advance RulingStakeholders’ ForumStakeholders’ Engagement on Latest Customs Policies, Issuances, and Systems4th Quarter Webinar on Latest Customs Procedures and Policies
NAIA Workshop on Customer Care Portal SystemWebinar on Export Process

Webinar on Seizure and Forfeiture Proceedings

Webinar on ABMS and Transit Shipments

Webinar on CCPS and CCC
Port of NAIA
Midyear Top Importers Awarding Ceremony
Policies and Procedures on Importation of Plants and Plant Products
Batangas Webinar on Importation of Motor vehiclesWebinar on Authorized Economic OperatorStakeholders’ ForumPort of Batangas 4th Quarter Stakeholders Forum Post Activity Report
Legazpi Post Activity Report 2nd Dialogue with Partner AgenciesPort of Legazpi
Webinar on Customs Policies and Operations
Updates on Customs Procedures & Practices and Forum
Iloilo Stakeholders’ Engagement on Latest Customs Policies, Issuances and Systems
2nd Primary Stakeholders’ Meeting with Philippine Economic Zone Authority Locators
Port of Iloilo 3rd Quarter Stakeholders MeetingPrimary Stakeholders’ Meeting
Cebu Webinar on Latest Customs Policies and ProceduresOnline Dialogue with StakeholdersFourth Webinar on the Latest Customs Policies & Procedures and General Stakeholders’ Meeting for Third Quarter 2021
Tacloban Introduction to Customer Care Center and Customer Care Portal SystemRefresher course on CCPS Automated Routing and Monitoring System (ARMS) and Advance Ruling on Cargo Declaration4th Webinar on Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Delivery of Government Service Act
Surigao Workshop on Customer Care Portal SystemUpdates on Customer Care CenterPort of Surigao 3rd Quarter Stakeholders’ Meeting
Cagayan De Oro Webinar on Latest Customs ProceduresStakeholders Meeting3rd Webinar on Latest Customs Policies and Operations
ZamboangaFreeport Zone Procedures & Accreditation of ImportersWebinar on Customs Procedure and OperationsLatest Customs Updates on Rules and Regulations for Bunkering and Updates on Latest Policies on Export Procedures4th Quarter Online Stakeholders’ Dialogue
Davao Importation Procedures of COVID-19 Vaccines & Latest Policies under the Customer Care CenterLatest Updates on Customs Policies and ProceduresPort of Davao Latest Updates on Customs Policies and ProceduresLatest Customs Updates on Policies and Procedures
Subic Stakeholders’ Forum: Latest Update on BOC’S AUTOMATION AND NEW SYSTEMSETRACC Orientation and TrainingETRACC Orientation and BookingStakeholders’ Forum 4th Quarter: ARMSA & BWC
Clark CMO 13-2020, Clearance Procedures on Express Shipments, Automated Bonds Management System (ABMS)2nd Webinar on Latest Customs Procedures, Issuances & Systems: CMO 09-2021, Flowchart on the Processing of Informal Entry for Express Shipments and ABMS3rd Quarter Meeting with External Stakeholders4th Quarter Meeting with External Stakeholders
Aparri2021 Stakeholders’ ForumExceeding ExpectationsBOC Aparri 3rd Quarter 2021 Stakeholders’ Forum4th Quarter Port of Aparri Stakeholders’ Forum
LimayWebinar on Customs Policies and ProceduresStakeholders Meeting: Port of Limay Enhancement of Customs OperationsPort of Limay 3rd Quarter Stakeholders’ Virtual ForumWebinar on Updates on Customs Policies & Procedures