San Fernando March 25, 2021
Overview of Enforcement and Security Service, Exercise of Police Authority( Chapter 3 of CMTA) and Updates on Assessment Matters( Supplemental Guidelines in the Filling up of Box 41 in the GD).
POM March 16, 2021
Webinar on Customs Policies and Operations
MICP March 31, 2021
Advance Ruling
NAIA March 15, 2021
Workshop on Customer Care Portal System
Batangas March 11, 2021
Webinar on Importation of Motor vehicles
Legazpi February 10, 2021 
Post Activity Report 
Iloilo March 5, 2021
Stakeholders’ Engagement on Latest Customs Policies, Issuances and Systems
Cebu March 29, 2021
Webinar on Latest Customs Policies and Procedures
Tacloban March 31, 2021
Introduction to Customer Care Center and Customer Care Portal System
Surigao March 2-3, 2021 (0900H-1100H)Workshop on Customer Care Portal System
Zamboanga March 18, 2021 (10:00AM)Freeport Zone Procedures & Accreditation of Importers
Cagayan De Oro March 29 2021
Webinar on Latest Customs Procedures
Davao March 26, 2021
Importation Procedures of COVID-19 Vaccines & Latest Policies under the Customer Care Center
Subic March 30, 2021
Stakeholders’ Forum: Latest Update on BOC’S AUTOMATION AND NEW SYSTEMS
Clark March 30, 2021
CMO 13-2020, Clearance Procedures on Express Shipments, Automated Bonds Management System (ABMS)