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Philippine Standard Time:
23 June 2024, 02:38 AM

BOC Supports President Marcos Jr.’s Directive for 24/7 Shipment Process

June 6, 2024

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) stands in full support of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s directive to implement a 24/7 shipment process, recognizing the imperative need for round-the-clock operations to accommodate the increasing influx of shipments into the ports.

Achieving a seamless 24/7 operation requires collaborative support from all stakeholders in the supply chain. This includes shipping lines, arrastre operators, terminal operators, warehouse facilities, financial institutions, and the trucking industry. These stakeholders play a vital role in ensuring efficient cargo release, encompassing several stages: pre-customs, customs proper, and post-customs processing stages, each crucial for efficient trade facilitation.

The synchronization of operations among these stakeholders is essential to minimize delays and ensure the swift processing and release of cargoe

s, contributing to the overall efficiency of the supply chain. In line with this, the BOC shall endeavor to coordinate with these stakeholders so that appropriate mechanisms are established for the effective implementation of the President’s directive. With the commitment of all parties involved, the bureau is confident in achieving uninterrupted processing of imports as envisioned by the President.

To further enhance trade facilitation, the BOC has initiated various digitalization efforts, developing and implementing systems and projects to streamline customs processes, secure trade, and improve overall efficiency.

The Bureau of Customs remains dedicated to its mission of facilitating trade while upholding regulatory standards and safeguarding the nation’s borders. Under the leadership of Customs Commissioner Bienvenido Y. Rubio, the BOC reaffirms its commitment to support President Marcos Jr.’s directives.


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