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19 June 2024, 09:52 AM

BOC Subport of Dumaguete Hosts First Ever Stakeholders’ Summit, Facilitating Containerization Efforts

August 11, 2023

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) Subport of Dumaguete successfully hosted on August 2, 2023 the first-ever Stakeholders’ Summit on Containerization at the Philippine Ports Authority’s Port Operations Building in Dumaguete City.

It was attended by the City Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Remollo, City Administrator Lani Ramon, other local government leaders, businessmen, importers, exporters, the arrastre/port operators, trucking and shipping lines, with the Philippine Ports Authority represented by the PMO-NOS Port Manager, Atty. Sarah R. Mijares.

The summit aimed to explore the potential of the Port of Dumaguete to accommodate containerized shipments of foreign origin. Through this initiative, more imported commodities can now directly enter Negros through Dumaguete, reducing shipping costs and eliminate double handling of cargo, benefiting both the industry and the consuming public.

The summit featured presentations from Ms. Mary Louise Macalino, Division Manager of the Port Services Division of PMO-NOS, who discussed the port’s operations and facilities; Mr. Edgardo Tidalgo, Branch Manager of Prudential Customs Brokerage Services (PCBSI), who presented the port’s cargo handling operations; Ms. Gina Fatima Lasola, Port Deputy Collector of the Subport of Dumaguete, who tackled the BOC’s clearance process; and Mr. Marlon Isah De Guzman, General Manager of RCL Shipping Lines, who showcased their operations and explained the feasibility of the containerization of the Port of Dumaguete.

In his closing remarks, Port Collector, Atty. Geniefelle P. Lagmay reiterated the need to explore the benefits of containerization in the Port of Dumaguete. He stated, “In order to sustain the growth of Negros, it is imperative that we should have a port able to accommodate containerized shipments of foreign origin and an unimpeded flow of goods to and from foreign ports.”

With the expected developments in the province and the entire Negros island, the Subport’s initiative to facilitate containerization efforts in Dumaguete is seen as a crucial step to enhance trade efficiency and promote overall economic growth.

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