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Philippine Standard Time:
24 July 2024, 18:16 PM

BOC Strengthens Partnership with DOJ to Intensify Prosecution of Cases

March 8, 2023

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Boying Remulla met with Commissioner Bienvenido Rubio to discuss the Department of Justice-Bureau of Customs (DOJ-BOC) Task Force and enhance measures in the prosecution of cases.

The DOJ and BOC revisited several policies and circulars to resolve bottlenecks and streamline communications and procedures for case processing.

The BOC also proposed to conduct a BOC-DOJ Legal Summit to renew commitments and boost the understanding and capabilities of the Bureau in areas of prosecution and the DOJ in customs processes, which prove to be indispensable to the successful prosecution of cases.

Secretary Remulla committed full cooperation and support to the BOC in upholding transparency and accountability and assured efficient administration of the criminal justice system.

“We convey our sincere gratitude to Secretary Remulla for his support in ensuring a more aggressive prosecution of cases to serve justice and punish those found guilty of violating national laws,” says Commissioner Rubio.

“We will continue to intensify our border protection efforts to safeguard the interests and welfare of Filipinos against smuggled and unsafe goods that pose hazards to our society,” he added.#

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