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Philippine Standard Time:
14 June 2024, 01:57 AM

BOC Strengthens ASEAN Ties at the 34th CECWG Meeting in Davao City

October 10, 2023

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) reaffirms its commitment in building robust connections and fostering shared learning among customs administrations by hosting the 34th Meeting of the ASEAN Customs Enforcement and Compliance Working Group (CECWG) in Davao City from October 3 to 5, 2023.

Hosted by the Philippine Bureau of Customs, the three-day event served as a pivotal platform for the Philippines to strengthen its relationships with other countries, particularly within the ASEAN community. The discussions facilitated the exchange of best practices, with emphasis on initiatives to enhance enforcement and compliance measures for the protection of the ASEAN region.

As a vital sectoral body of the ASEAN, the CECWG is dedicated in the continuous improvement of work processes, coordination, effectiveness, and efficiency. Upholding efficient customs enforcement systems and robust compliance frameworks are essential to ensure the smooth movement of goods, preventing illicit trade, protecting intellectual property rights, and facilitating legitimate business activities within the region.

The meeting delved into a comprehensive array of topics, and facilitated a fruitful exchange of knowledge, inspired collaborative initiatives, and underscored the importance of collective efforts as the ASEAN Integration in 2025 approaches.

The BOC remains steadfast in advancing regional cooperation, and this engagement reflects its commitment in the development and implementation of effective customs enforcement and compliance strategies within the ASEAN community.#

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