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Philippine Standard Time:
22 April 2024, 14:32 PM

BOC-Port of Davao Strengthens Border Security Measures, Acquires 2 Trace Detection Systems

April 27, 2022

The Bureau of Customs (BOC), through the Enforcement Security Service (ESS), acquired two units of Trace Detection Systems (TDS) on April 22, 2022. The deployment of the said machines in Davao Region will further intensify its security measures against the entry of contrabands.

The TDS or the NUCTECH TR3000DE is a significant addition to the non-intrusive inspection capability of the Bureau as it is designed to detect explosives, narcotics, and drug substances of small magnitude through sampling of non-visible trace amounts of particulates from shipments. The newly-acquired system boasts a throughput that is three times more efficient than other traditional systems.

The BOC-Port of Davao will be deploying the TDS at its Airport Operations Unit in Davao International Airport (DIA). The said Port is also currently facilitating the deployment of another unit at General Santos International Airport under the Sub-port of Dadiangas.

Under the leadership of Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero and the guidance of Secretary of Finance Carlos G. Dominguez, the BOC ensures that it will continue its rigorous efforts against smuggling and customs fraud while continuously modernizing its procedures and processes.

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