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Philippine Standard Time:
17 June 2024, 02:15 AM

BOC-IPRD Launches First Intellectual Property Rights Summit

March 13, 2024

To ensure the integrity of products and credibility of businesses in the Philippines, the Bureau of Customs-Intellectual Property Rights Division (BOC-IPRD), in collaboration with partner government agencies and international companies, gathered in the first Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Summit of the Bureau of Customs last March 7 to 8, 2024, in Manila.
The summit delved into different topics, including IPR enforcement, customs jurisdiction and exercise of police authority, product identification, and other infringement challenges within the domain of IP practice, as discussed by distinguished speakers from various private and government organizations.

Atty. Kristian Nico C. Acosta, one of the speakers and head of the Legal Department of the Guess group, discussed leveraging technology to combat cyber infringements, utilizing online databases, GPS systems, advanced cameras, and other IP certification tools. Collaborative efforts among brand owners, law enforcement agencies, prosecution authorities, and courts were emphasized as crucial in the enforcement of intellectual property rights, especially against infringing activities online.

The program also featured specialized sessions on counterfeit product identification, facilitated by brand representatives from esteemed businesses such as SO-EN, Bio-Oil, Mattel, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Unilever Philippines, Shimano, and other reputable brands.

The two-day event allowed the BOC and other attendees to engage in informative dialogues designed to broaden intelligence and enforcement networks, forge new alliances, and upskill field agents to protect consumers and trademark owners from the dangers of counterfeiting.

On behalf of the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence Group (IG), Juvymax R. Uy, Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) Director Verne Y. Enciso delivered the opening remarks, highlighting the success of IPR seizure operations, significant of which were led by the exemplary leadership of BOC-Commissioner Bienvenido Y. Rubio when he was still in the CIIS.

“In the past five years, seizures of IP-violating goods have totaled over 45 billion pesos; many of those raids were headed, of course, by Commissioner Rubio when he was still with the CIIS,” Director Enciso stated.

Commissioner Rubio also conveyed an address commending the IG and CIIS’ efforts in securing the IP rights of the brands in the country, saying, “In 2023 alone, the Bureau of Customs recorded 268 seizures of counterfeit cigarettes, apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories valued at 25.379 billion pesos. With this, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and commend the Intelligence Group and the CIIS for this achievement.”

In closing, IPRD-Acting Chief Paul Pacunayen expressed trust in the turnout of the event and conveyed gratitude to the participants: “The war against counterfeit goods may seem ambitious, but we do not doubt that the people in this room, right here, right now, are the right people to make the effort successful. We thank you again for your continued support and dedication and look forward to seeing you at future events.”

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