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Philippine Standard Time:
16 April 2024, 10:32 AM

BOC Intensified Anti-Smuggling Efforts in 2022

January 18, 2023

The Intelligence Group and Enforcement Group of the Bureau of Customs today reported 709 seizures of smuggled goods with an estimated value of P24.28 billion in 2022.

The seized items included illegal drugs amounting to P11.95 billion; counterfeit goods, P7.69 billion; and agricultural products, P1.87 billion.

In keeping with the Bureau’s strengthened efforts against the illicit trade of agricultural products, all importations of agricultural commodities, except those selected under the Super Green Lane (SGL) Facility, are identified as high-risk commodities.

This resulted in 137 seizures of various agricultural products with a total estimated value of P1.87 billion.

In addition, 200 Letters of Authority (LOA) were implemented for the same period, 109 of which yielded positive results.
Meanwhile, 193 alert orders were issued, 120 of which were positive for violating pertinent customs laws, rules, and regulations.

On other high-risk shipments that resulted in the issuance of Warrant and Seizure and Detention (WSD), 88.8% are targeted shipments of the Risk Management Office (RMO) for non-intrusive and physical inspection. This is a result of the improved Risk Management System (RMS) which the BOC has advanced to intensify its intelligence and enforcement capabilities.

Under the RMS, the Offense Management System was implemented to enhance the BOC’s risk assessment and profiling to support risk management.

In addition, a Compliance Track Record is being maintained as a feedback mechanism which aids trade facilitation by prioritizing the targeting of high-risk importers while facilitating low-risk shipments.

The BOC also implemented the automated listing linked from the Client Profile Registration System, which allows the automatic storing of applications of importers and customs brokers upon the approval of the Account Management Office (AMO). This automation eliminates the traditional manual uploading of company profiles in the RMS.

Lastly, the BOC launched the National Customs Intelligence System (NCIS). This web portal acts as a secure data warehouse of intelligence information from the intelligence and enforcement offices of the agency. The system enables the generation of reports from these offices for a seamless, transparent, and comprehensive decision-making analysis resulting to a more responsive border control policy.

The BOC, under the leadership of Commissioner Yogi Filemon Ruiz, remains steadfast in the fulfillment of its mandates, aligned with the directive of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to stop smuggling in the country.

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