BOC Guidelines on Balikbayan Boxes

Are you planning to send Balikbayan Boxes in the Philippines?

Qualified Filipinos While Abroad may send balikbayan boxes. This includes Non-Resident Filipinos, Overseas Filipino Workers, and Resident Filipinos. (CAO 01-2018)

Q: How may I avail exemption from the payment of duties and taxes?

A: To avail exemption, balikbayan boxes:

1. Shall not exceed Php150,000 in value

2. Must contain personal and household effects only; and

3. Shall not be in commercial quantities nor intended for barter, sale, or for hire.

The privilege may only be availed up to three (3) times in a calendar year. When the above conditions are not met, and the frequency in availing exemption exceeded, duties and taxes shall be collected by BOC.

Q What are the items not allowed in balikbayan boxes?

A: Prohibited goods, Restricted goods unauthorized by law or regulation, and Regulated goods without necessary permits are not allowed in Balikbayan boxes.

Q. What are the documents I need to submit to BOC?

A: 1. Information Sheet which can be secured from the website,, Consolidator, or Value Added Service Provider

2. Photocopy of biographical page of passport; and

3. Invoice or receipt, if any.

These shall be submitted to the Consolidator abroad which shall transmit the same to BOC, through the Deconsolidator/freight forwarder in the Philippines.


1. Transact only with DTI-accredited freight forwarders/deconsolidators listed at

2. Coordinate with concerned regulating agency for regulated goods.

3. Declare the correct items and value to avoid penalties.