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Philippine Standard Time:
20 June 2024, 07:59 AM

BOC Commissioner Rubio Highlights Achievements and Future Commitments

January 12, 2024

Commissioner Bienvenido Y. Rubio emphasized the accomplishments of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) in 2023 and outlined goals for 2024 during the bureau’s New Year’s Call on January 10, 2024. The event brought together key officials of the BOC, including the Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners, Service Directors, District Collectors, and Division Chiefs.
The Commissioner highlighted achievements under the 5-point priority program, emphasizing the successful digitalization of 96.99% of customs processes. The BOC also achieved a record-breaking collection of PHP 883.624 billion, marking a 2.46% increase—PHP 21.205 billion more than the previous year. This underscores the BOC’s commitment to technological advancement and fiscal responsibility.

Trade facilitation efforts thrived through strategic agreements, strengthened regional ties, and successful international engagements. Commissioner Rubio mentioned ongoing efforts to implement innovative systems for monitoring agricultural imports, showcasing the BOC’s proactive stance in adapting to evolving trade dynamics.

Emphasizing the commitment to border protection, the BOC reported seizing smuggled commodities worth PHP 43.295 billion through 980 operations. The fuel marking program, marking 71.95 billion liters, significantly contributed, generating a value of PhP234.18 billion in duties and taxes.

Commissioner Rubio celebrated the success of hiring and promoting 605 individuals and announced the forthcoming release of long-awaited 2018 employee rewards in the first quarter of 2024.

In concluding his address, Commissioner Rubio urged the men and women of the bureau to maintain the momentum, stating, “Starting off is one thing, but maintaining momentum is another. We work diligently, pouring our time and energy into pursuits. And then time passes, and obstacles begin to take shape and come into view. Maintaining momentum is about pushing through these challenging moments. And I am counting on your unwavering support to carry on with our plans.”

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