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Philippine Standard Time:
15 June 2024, 08:43 AM

BOC-Cebu and PAOCC Hold Focused Group Discussion to Strengthen Trade Security

September 8, 2023

Highlighting its unwavering commitment to ensure a fast and secured movement of imported goods, the Bureau of Customs Port of Cebu, under the leadership of its District Collector, Atty. Ricardo Uy Morales II, CESE, engaged in a productive focused group discussion (FGD) on 31 August 2023 with the members of the Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessments (SOCTA) Research Team of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC).

Among those in attendance included District Collector Morales, Enforcement & Security Service – Customs Police Division District Commander SP/Capt. Abdila S. Maulana, Customs Intelligence & Investigation Service Chief Carlo A. Bautista, Xray Inspection Project Cebu Field Officer Saripoden S. Mutin, Deputy Collector for Assessment Conrado M. Abarintos, Law Division Chief Erwin C. Andaya, and the SOCTA Research Team composed of Atty. Jason J. Ison, Mr. Johen Felix Lledo, Dr. Heledina A. Lagumen, and Mr. Marvin de la Paz.

The FGD tackled about the areas of revenue collection, trade facilitation, and border protection. The Port of Cebu leaders shared the strategies being implemented to address the challenges encountered.

“We thank the PAOCC for incorporating the Port of Cebu in its SOCTA. We hope that our input in the FGD will serve as basis for future policy recommendations. The Port of Cebu reaffirms our commitment to the PAOCC as a partner in combating illegal trade and smuggling. With the strong collaboration with PAOCC and other partner-agencies, the Port shall relentlessly pursue our “whole of government” approach against the entry of smuggled goods,” said District Collector Morales.

Under the leadership of District Collector Morales and with pro-active guidance of Commissioner Bienvenido Y. Rubio, the Port of Cebu stands as a steadfast partner in creating a safer and more secured trading environment.#

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