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Philippine Standard Time:
18 April 2024, 13:04 PM

BOC-AMO Bares Accreditation Stats for Q1 & Q2

July 7, 2022

As part of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) consistent efforts to enhance trade facilitation and promote transparency, the Bureau of Customs, through the Account Management Office (AMO), reported on the statistics concerning accreditation for the first half of 2022.

For January to June of this year, AMO processed the accreditation of 6,580 regular importers, 185 non-regular importers and 114 licensed customs brokers through the Bureau’s Customer Care Portal which allows online processing of applications for accreditation.

The office is also consistent with its efforts to physically inspect facilities and offices of aspiring importers to ensure the legitimacy of their application and avoid dummy accounts that may be used for smuggling and illegal activities. A total of 1,693 importers were inspected, 100 of which were found to be non-existent which led to the denial of their application request.

Lastly, 200 importers and 64 customs brokers were revoked/suspended of their accreditation as they were found to have violated the provisions of RA 10863 or the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA). The revocation and suspension of accreditation is part of the office’s continuous monitoring and post-evaluation of importers and brokers.

BOC continues to further automate its systems and processes to provide expedient service to the public while consistently implementing the no-contact policy in the agency.

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