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Philippine Standard Time:
17 June 2024, 03:14 AM

BOC Achieves Breakthrough Performance in Q1 2024

April 18, 2024

In line with its mission to enhance collection performance, streamline trade processes, and reinforce border security, for the first quarter of 2024 the Bureau of Customs (BOC) remarkably delivered breakthrough results as aligned to Commissioner Bienvenido Y. Rubio’s five-point priority programs for the current year.

First, the BOC made significant progress in digitalizing customs processes. During the first quarter of 2024, the BOC commenced the pilot implementation of the e-Travel Customs System, along with the utilization of the Electronic Customs Baggage and Currency Declaration Form in nine international airports nationwide, which significantly expedited current customs procedures that consequently elevated transacting travelers’ experience.

Second, in terms of revenue collection, the BOC generated PhP219.385 billion, surpassing its first-quarter target by PhP8.489 billion. Additional revenue were collected through the Prior Disclosure Program and other audit findings, totaling to PhP1.088 billion and PhP89.071 million, respectively. Further, PhP3.890 million was obtained through public auctions.

Third, to bolster trade facilitation and foster partnerships, the BOC established the Customs Industry Consultative and Advisory Council. This initiative fosters constructive dialogues between the bureau and the business sector, addressing customs and industry concerns effectively.

Likewise, collaborative efforts with the National Telecommunications Commission were initiated strategically aimed to caution Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and citizens against unscrupulous freight forwarders, and ensure the security and integrity of balikbayan boxes.

Additionally, BOC together with the Land Bank of the Philippines signed a Memorandum of Agreement to streamline customs payment procedures on March 4, 2024.

Further trade facilitation initiatives included local and international engagements such as the three-day National Trade Facilitation Workshop, supported by the International Trade Center through the ARISE Plus Philippines Project, Intellectual Property Rights Conference, bilateral meeting with Hong Kong Customs, and other activities focused on optimizing trade management.

Fourth, the BOC’s intensified efforts against smuggling similarly yielded significant results, with the seizure of PhP18.11 billion worth of smuggled goods. Notably for the first quarter of 2024, BOC marked 4.81 billion liters of fuel and collected PhP61.1 billion in duties and taxes, not to mention silently discouraged illicit trade and fraudulent practices against customs revenue thru an effective fuel marking program. In addition, the revocation of accreditation of 11 importers and 3 customs brokers, along with the filing of 16 criminal charges against unscrupulous stakeholders, further bolster the Bureau’s efforts to enforce customs regulations and maintain trade integrity.

Fifth, anent employee welfare and development, which remained to be among the priority programs of Commissioner Rubio, 121 individuals were either promoted or appointed during the first quarter of 2024. On the other hand, 24 offices and ports have acquired ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certifications, highlighting the Bureau’s continued dedication for excellence. Moreover, Employee Rewards for the 2018 revenue collection performance under Republic Act No. 9335 were distributed and further emphasized the current administration’s avowed acknowledgment and sincerest appreciation of employees’ individual and collective performances and contributions.

Commissioner Rubio expressed gratitude for the collective resolve of the men and women of the Bureau, stating, “While the weight of our responsibilities may be heavy, our unified efforts have not only met but surpassed expectations. I extend heartfelt appreciation to the entire BOC community for their commitment and hard work.”

“I also encourage everyone to maintain the same level of determination in their work, striving continuously to push boundaries for a more modernized and reputable customs administration that every Filipino deserve,” the Commissioner added.

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