We wish to inform you of the issuance of your promotional appointment dated July 06, 2018 to the following position:

*This list is just the fifth batch of promotees to Customs Operations Officer III. These appointees/promotees are only from the Ports and Sub-Ports indicated below. Promotees to other ports/sub-port/groups shall be announced soon.

1 MARAÑON, HANZ CHRISTIAN FLYNN S. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-746-1998 Port of Iloilo
2 YECLA, ARNEL I. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-747-1998 Port of Iloilo
3 ANGELES, ALBERTO C. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-136-1998 Sub-Port of EPZA, Baguio
4 LUSTRE, MARYGOLD E. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-823-1998 Sub-Port of Nasipit
5 GOMEZ, MA. MELISSA B. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-723-1998 Port of Legazpi
6 MIRANDA, ERNESTO R. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-726-1998 Port of Legazpi
7 ALAVARADO, MILAGROS N. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-220-1998 Port of Subic
8 MARTINEZ, SILVESTRE L. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-223-1998  

Port of Subic

9 TORRALBA, DANIEL F. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-226-1998  

Port of Subic

10 YALONG, DEO AUGUSTUS Y. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-4-1999 Port of Subic
11 HILADO, MARIA AGNES V. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-6-1999 Port of Subic
12 IBAÑEZ, LORECEL R. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-209-1998 Port of Limay


Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-872-1998 Sub-Port of Jolo
14 GARBO, LITO B. Customs Operations Officer III BOCB-COPO3-215-1998 Sub-Port of Mariveles

On July 09, 2018, you are directed to be present during the Flag Raising Ceremony for your Oath Taking Ceremony.

After the Oath Taking Ceremony please proceed to the Human Resource Management Division.

Pursuant to Section 20, Rule VI of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Memorandum Circular No. 24, s. 2017 (2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions), “An appointment issued by the appointing officer/authority may be cancelled if the appointee does not assume office or report to duty within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of the written notice of appointment.”

Further, please be guided by Section 17, Rule VI of the same Memorandum Circular which provides:

“Sec.17. An appointment issued in accordance with pertinent laws and rules shall take effect immediately on the date it was signed by the appointing officer/authority. The date of signing shall be indicated below the signature of appointing authority.”

An official Memorandum containing further instructions shall be sent to you and the head of your Group/Collection District on July 13, 2018. Please coordinate with the port where you are promoted as regards your assumption.

For further details and clarifications, please immediately contact the HRMD at (02) 527-1944 or 527-3622 or send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Lastly, please be reminded that no employee shall accept any form of gift in compliance with our “NO GIFT, NO TAKE, NO PASALUBONG” policy.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Chief Administrative Officer
Human Resource Management Division