NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT – A.P. Nos. 2023-001 to 2023-006

In the matter of abandonment against Six (6) Diplomatic Vehicles turned over to the Bureau of Customs,


Abandonment Proceeding

Nos. 2023-001 to 2023-006


            This is to notify that the District Collector of Customs, Port of Manila, rendered a Decree of Abandonment on January 06, 2023, against the above-mentioned diplomatic vehicles. Failure to file a Motion for Reconsideration within Ten (10) days from posting of this Notice at the Bureau of Customs Website and Bulletin Board shall be construed as a waiver and the subject vehicles shall be disposed in accordance with law.

            Port of Manila, January 06, 2022.

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A.P. 2022-285 – Six Diplomatic Vehicles