Maritime Lawyers Visit Bureau of Customs

In line with the Bureau of Customs’ (BOC) sustained collaboration with various organizations and agencies to enhance maritime trade, members of the Maritime Law Association of the Philippines Inc. (MARLAW) visited the Bureau of Customs for an oathtaking ceremony on January 21, 2021.

In a simple ceremony, the newly elected MARLAW’s board of trustees were sworn in with BOC Commissioner Rey Leonardo B Guerrero as inducting officer. Established in 1982, MARLAW is an organization composed of lawyers engaged in the practice of maritime law. The BOC being one of the main regulating agencies in maritime trade works in close coordination with legal practitioners in the performance of the Bureau’s three main mandates of Revenue Collection, Border Security, and Trade Facilitation.

The oathtaking was followed by a tour of the BOC premises highlighted by the Customs Operation Center (COC), which is the latest addition to the Bureau’s modernization projects. The state-of-the art facility ensures a more efficient and systematic means of managing day to day activities.

In his statement MARLAW Board of Trustees President Atty. Ferdinand Nague thanked  Commissioner Guerrero for the warm reception accomodation accorded to members of MARLAW. He expressed admiration to the modernization efforts of the Bureau. “MARLAW officers are indeed in awe and admiration to the current Customs system and technology enhancement and thus would like to congratulate Comm. Guerrero and the entire BOC family for being resilient at the height of the pandemic and for staging the state of the art Customs Operation Center facility making the Philippine Bureau of Customs a world class Customs administration we are all truly proud of”

The BOC continues its efforts to engage and foster partnerships with organizations engaged in trade as the agency aims to strengthen efforts to collect lawful revenues, strengthen border security, and enhance trade facilitation under the guidance of Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero.