Customs @ d Speed of Text
As it continues to go hi-tech, the BOC has decided to tap mobile or m-commerce to advance its current computer network system without the corresponding increase in infrastructure and personnel. Since m-commerce has no boundaries, it will give people access to the BOC’s services anytime, anywhere.

The BOC’s m-commerce set-up promises the following appropriate service-products attainable using a full end-to-end clearance process:

Text Broadcast
BOC sends e-mail message to the brokers, importers of the arrival of their shipments, potential problem and requirements. Confirmation of receipts of the SMS message goes back to BOC via cell phone. Importers/Brokers receive SMS messages through the BOC Web site concerning the status of their shipment and any information related to Customs matters.

The improvement from a batch process to on-line transmission of the electronic abstract of payment coming from the Authorized Agent Banks using mobile technology. This electronic abstract of payment will be matched with the ACOS system generated payable. Upon confirmation, the BOC system sends an SMS confirmation message to the consignee and a release instruction is subsequently generated for transmission to the Arrastre operator for the release of the goods via cell phone.

A joint effort between BOC and TMW in providing Web-enabled clearance process for the Air Express Cargo clients.

Surf the BOC website and send/receive e-mail by cell phone.

Mobile-Release Instruction
The BOC system uploads the release instruction in the BOC website. The importers/brokers receive SMS messages of the release instruction via cell phone.

The BOC e-Customs Project, supported by the President’s e-Government Fund, aims to enhance BOC’s core and support ICT systems nationwide. Through Internet-based and wireless technologies, the Project will streamline imports and exports processing and improve trade facilitation among BOC, other government agencies and its stakeholders anywhere, anytime—all towards the realization of the National and ASEAN Single Windows

The items below feature E2M application modules that are currently being implemented at the Bureau through the BOC e-Customs Project. Click on the corresponding links to access relevant information for each module featured.

The Client Profiles Registration System (CPRS) facilitates the process of capturing client information during the accreditation and/or registration of the various BOC stakeholders

The Payment Application System involves both cash and non-cash payments and the application of these payments to the duties, taxes and fees payable.

The processes are primarily based on the Business Process Design document of the Banker’s Association of the Philippines and information gathered during several discussions with the primary business process experts of the BOC and BAP

The Imports and Assessment System (IAS) is a set of application components that handles the flow of import processing which includes electronic manifest clearance, import declaration entry, risk assessment, regulatory clearances and release of cargo.