Download CTC 002 2019
Virtual Customs Orientation Academy (VCOA)
Download CTC 005 2018
University of the Philippines School of Economics (UPSE) Master’s Program for CY 2018
Download CTC 004 2018
Learning and Development Program 2018
Download CTC 002 2018
Nomination for Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Long-term), Global Public Leadership Program (ASEAN Top Leaders Program) offered by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to be held in Japan FY2018
Download CTC 001 2018
CSI Learning and Development Plan 2018
Download CTC 010 2017
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy – Call for Nominations for Master Degree Programmes and Scholarships
Download CTC 008 2017
Scholarship for the Masters Degree Programme in Strategic Management and IPR
Download CTC 002 2017
Japan – World Customs Organization (WCO) Human Resource Development Programme (Scholarship Programme)
Download CTC 01 2017
Association of Government Internal Auditor, Inc. (AGIA) Schedule of Trainings and Seminar for the 1st Quarter of CY 2017
Download CTC 11 2016
ASEAN Border Leadership Exchange Programme
Download CTC 09 2016
Association of Government Internal Auditors Inc. (AGAIA) Schedule of Trainings & Seminars for the 3rd Quarter of CY 2016
Download CTC 08 2016
Scholarship for the Master’s Degree Programme in Strategic Management and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR))
Download CTC 07 2016
CSC-CSI Learning and Development Program for 2016
Download CTC 06 2016
Civil Service Commission (CSC)
Supervisory Development Courses (SDC)
Download CTC 05 2016
Senior Executive Class of the Public Management Development Program
Download CTC 04 2016
Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) April 2016
The new and enhanced Master in Public Administration (MPSA)