BOC-XIP Intensifies Scanning Performance for May 2020

As part of the Bureau of Customs’ (BOC) thrust to strengthen border security measures and trade facilitation, the X-ray Inspection Project (XIP) generated an increase of +272% in its scanning rate for May 2021 in comparison to same timeline of the previous year.

In 2020, during the month of May, the BOC had a total of 26,619 scanned containers. Whereas, for 2021, a total of 72,364 containers has been scanned by the XIP.

Along with the foregoing, the Bureau of Customs has already achieved 60% of the total 513,600 containers scanned for the year 2020, tallying a total of 310,583 scanned containers from January to May 2021.

Generally, the XIP was established to enhance the capability of BOC in detecting smuggled and anti-social goods like misdeclared items, undervalued goods, and undeclared goods. It is also tasked to monitor the entry of narcotics in various ports nationwide and enable the rapid and effective screening of containerized shipments with minimum interruption to the movement of goods inside the ports.

The faster scanning of containerized shipments without compromising threat detection is a significant indication of the intensified non-intrusive inspection capabilities of the Bureau of Customs through advanced x-ray machines administered by the XIP.

The modernization of the scanning technology in the port did not only improve border security and trade facilitation, but also increase the entire port operation’s resiliency and adaptability in times of operational disruption.

The Bureau of Customs, through the XIP, ensures the public that it will continue to work on further intensifying its scanning capability to ease customs operations, minimize unnecessary delays and enhance trade facilitation.

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