BOC-RMO Intensifies Risk Management Measures against Illicit Trade

As part of the Bureau of Custom’s (BOC) 10 Point Priority Program for 2020 aimed at strengthening border security, the Risk Management Office (RMO) intensified the implementation and adoption of risk management measures against illicit trade for the year 2020.

Under the 10-Point Priority Program for 2020, the BOC through RMO, achieved 100% accomplishment rate on the Improvement of Risk Management System. Among the activities conducted by the unit under the said priority program are the enhancement of the Selectivity System in the Universal Risk Management System (URMS) wherein the Bureau of Customs activated the new color lane on September 2020; the enabling of IT capabilities for a more efficient targeting or profiling; and the strengthening of RMO with the operationalization of its units such as Risk Assessment Unit, the Research and Analysis Unit, and the Strategic Assessment Unit.

The URMS is a system designed to improve the risk management capabilities of the Bureau through the migration of information to a more user-friendly interface that allows storage of larger amount of information and the promotion of a paperless system.

Meanwhile, under the World Customs Organization (WCO) Mercator Program, the Risk Management Contribution has been successfully implemented in an effective and timely manner across BOC and according to international standards and best practices through various activities such as establishment of Risk Management Units (RMU) that shall function to monitor and ensure feedback on the performance of customs control treatments and interventions on cargo for reports and recommendations to be acted upon immediately; and the monitoring of improvements through introduced private dashboards where all information gathered from different sources are integrated and operationally presented; among others. The dashboard provides support to analysts in qualitative and inductive research as it enables the viewing of profile of the ports, previous transactions and fraud records of any searched entities using the dashboard.

Further, RMO has initiated the drafting of CMO Guidelines on the utilization of the National Customs Enforcement Network (NCEN) System of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the establishment of the NCEN Database. RMO shall serve as the National Contact Point (NCP) for the Global CEN to increase intelligence sharing, as part of its mandate to maintain a database of all smuggling cases and related data, for risk assessment. NCEN is a system developed by the WCO to assist Customs administrations with the collection and storage of law-enforcement information on the national level with the additional capacity to exchange this information at regional and international level.

As of December 2020, 715 out of 971 or 74% cases of seizure are uploaded in NCEN.

The Bureau of Customs, through the Risk Management Office ensures the public that it will continue to implement and adopt measures necessary to intensify the Bureau’s risk management capabilities to further improve border protection along with revenue collection.