The actual revenue collection of the Bureau of Customs has been improving since the commencement of the new administration.

Based on latest initial reports from the Bureau’s Financial Service, a total of P33.951 billion was so far collected for the month of September — almost a billion increase from the P33.002 billion August collection.

The September collection is also higher compared to the P32.651 billion collected on the same month in 2015.

The monthly revenue being collected by the Bureau has been increasing since the administration of Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon posted a P30.278 billion revenue collection for July.

The latest initial reports show that the Bureau has already achieved 94.9% of its P35.790 billion assessed revenue collected target for September, and is expected to increase upon the finalization of the report.

Of the 17 collection districts, 6 of them have already exceeded their collection targets for the month:

– Port of Clark: P225.2 million collected, P118 million target (190.9%)

– Port of Iloilo: P211.8 million collected, P182.6 million target (125.3%)

– Port of Zamboanga: P19.5 million collected, P16.3 million target (120.1%)

– Port of Cebu: P1.759 billion collected, P1.507 billion target (116.7%)

– Port of Davao: P1.052 billion collected, P987.5 million target (106.5%)

– Port of Batangas: P8.529 billion collected, P8.069 billion target (105.7%)

Meanwhile, the Manila International Container Terminal (MICP) has already posted a collection of P10.583 billion based on initial reports, and is nearing its P10.601 billion target.

Commissioner Faeldon welcomes this improvement in the revenue collection, and reminds the public of the other functions of the Bureau. Apart from revenue collection, BOC’s mandates include trade facilitation and border security.

“It depends on our ability to address other issues that we can improve the revenue collection,” Faeldon said.

Commissioner Faeldon stressed in earlier interviews that the eradication of corruption — which his leadership is currently working on — will help the Bureau yield higher revenue collection. ###