BOC Launches WCO Cargo Targeting System

        The Bureau of Customs (BOC) on October 16, 2019 officially launched the World Customs Organization (WCO) Cargo Targeting System (CTS) as part of the 10-Point Priority Program of the Bureau to boost trade efficiency, while ensuring border security. The event was conducted in the OCOM conference room, OCOM Building Port of Manila and was attended by the various Deputy Commissioners of the Bureau.

        The WCO – CTS is in line with the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA). Through the said system the BOC will be requiring shipping lines to comply with mandated timelines for the submission of manifests through the CTS – a tool for advanced profiling of shipments before they arrive at Philippine ports using the manifest data given. The objective is to require foreign carriers (sea vessels and aircraft) or their authorized agents to electronically transmit cargo information in advance.

        In his opening statement Intelligence Group (IG) Deputy Commissioner Raniel Ramiro was optimistic on the advantages that the new system would result in efficiency of the BOC in processing shipments. He stated that the CTS would greatly improve profiling, risk assessment, anti-terrorism, law enforcement and trade facilitation initiatives of the Bureau.

        A brief overview of the system was then given by Atty. Geoffrey De Vera, CTS Over-all Coordinator & Project Head where he highlighted the mobile capabilities of the system for accessibility of BOC officers.  After which a hands-on demonstration was conducted with the BOC Commissioner navigating the system.

        In his closing message BOC Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero stated that the new Cargo Targeting System will be a win-win program for all ports and customs stakeholders and an added deterrent to illegal activities. The Customs Chief asked for the support and cooperation of port users and Customs stakeholders, including all those who would be affected by the new system as all parties concerned work together for an even better Bureau of Customs.

Bureau of Customs G/F OCOM Building, South Harbor (Port of Manila), Manila Landline: (+632) 527-8259 Fax: (+632) 527-1968