BOC issues memorandum on the implementation of ARMS for goods declaration

In order provide clear and defined procedures in the automated random assignment of consumption entries, and a mechanism for brokers and importers to have updates on the status of their respective goods declaration, the Bureau of Customs issues Customs Memorandum Order No. 25-2021 with subject “Implementation of the Automated Routing and Monitoring System (ARMS) for Goods Declarations”.

The said CMO apply to all goods declaration lodged in the Bureau’s Electronic-to-Mobile (E2M) system and processed by the Formal Entry Division or equivalent units.

Under the CMO, importers and brokers may check the status of their goods declaration using their mobile phones or personal computers through Customer Care Portal System (CCPS) with the Help Topic “Goods Declaration Online Filing/Other Inquiries” or any other goods declaration status inquiry system that will be implemented.

Furthermore, the procedural guidelines that shall be followed by Customs employees specifically Entry Processing Unit (EPU) Customs Officer, Customs Operations Officer III and V, and Formal Entry Division (FED) Chief or equivalent customs officer, are listed under the CMO’s operational provisions.

The said ARMS shall initially be implemented in the Port of Manila (POM) and Manila International Container Port (MICP). A rollout to other remaining ports shall be announced by the Bureau’s Management Information Systems and Technology Group (MISTG).

The downloading of data from the cameras and devices for safekeeping and preservation shall be done within 24 hours from the time of recording by the data custodian. Recordings captured are subject to a retention period of 45 days from its recording time, extendible for a longer time upon request by an interested party when such recording is material to an investigation being conducted by proper authorities.

Furthermore, the data privacy rights of every person as espoused under RA 10173 or known as Data Privacy Act of 2012, shall be respected, provided that the exercise of such rights does not fall under the exceptions provided by the same law.