BOC Integrates Citizen/Client Satisfaction Survey to CCPS

To continually achieve a government-wide improvement through seamless public service delivery, the Citizen/Client Satisfaction Survey (CCSS) was incorporated to the Customer Care Portal System (CCPS). All BOC stakeholders transacting with the agency through the CCPS can now provide a feedback to every transaction/service provided to them. This will allow the BOC to gather the stakeholders’ total experience, expectations, and satisfaction regarding its performance in all services rendered.

Once the stakeholders’ concerns have been resolved, a link will be sent to the clients’ ticket thread. This link will redirect to the Client Feedback Form where the clients will be asked to provide the type of transaction such as but not limited to Document (Receiving/Releasing), Goods Declaration, Appointment, Accreditation, Inquiry, Assessment, Payment, and Operations. Likewise, office and/or port concerned shall be provided. Clients will then be asked to rate overall experience based on the following service quality dimensions: Responsiveness, Reliability (Quality), Access and Facilities, Communication, Costs, Integrity, Assurance, and Outcome.

Clients may opt to give feedback while remaining anonymous by leaving the “Name of Respondent” field blank. They may also provide further comments and suggestions on the feedback form.

Data gathered from the CCSS shall be used to produce a Customer Satisfaction Analysis (CSAT) on a regular basis. CSAT results shall be used to determine the Bureau’s areas of improvement in terms of efficiency and effectivity of all its business processes, thereby promoting seamless public service delivery to its external stakeholders.