BOC Attends the 30th Meeting of The ASEAN Customs Enforcement and Compliance Working Group

The 30th Meeting of the ASEAN Customs Enforcement and Compliance Working Group (CECWG) attended by the different heads and representatives of Customs Enforcement of the ASEAN Member States was held on August 24-26, 2021, hosted by the General Department of Vietnam Customs and Presided by Chairman Sazali Mohamad, State Deputy Director of the Royal Malaysia Customs Department.

The 30th meeting discussed a wide array of topics under the purview of the CECWG including the Work Plan and Priorities of the CECWG and held consultations with the different dialogue partners of the ASEAN. Progress of activities under the Strategic Plan of Customs Development (SPCD) were also reported, namely the SPCD 08 on Customs Post Clearance Audit (PCA), SPCD 09 on Customs Enforcement and Mutual Assistance (CEMA), and SPCD 10 on Public Security and Protection of the Society (PSPS).

The meeting was officially opened by Commissioner Leonardo B. Guerrero who is also the incumbent Chairman of the ASEAN Directors-General Meeting. On his opening remarks, Commissioner Guerrero reiterated the ASEAN Customs Administrations’ commitment in “combatting transnational crime and illicit trade which would entail the realization of the ASEAN CECWG 2021 Annual Priorities and Work Plan for Customs Integration.” It was also attended by Atty. Marietta D. Zamoranos, Head of the External Affairs Office and current Chairperson of the ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Customs.

The Philippine Delegation was comprised of officials and employees from the Enforcement Group, Post Clearance Audit Group and the External Affairs Office, jointly led by Deputy Commissioner Teddy S. Raval and Assistant Commissioner Vincent Phillip C. Maronilla.