1. Strictly window to window transaction only;
  2. No accreditation folders with incomplete requirements shall be received;
  3. All folders for accreditation shall be pre-evaluated for completeness check before it may be officially received by AMO. Applicants are required to wait for the pre-evaluation process to be finished. Otherwise, the application shall not be considered and AMO shall not be accountable for lost folders;
  4. All folders received shall be provided with a notification slip indicating when follow ups shall be entertained, which is after 15 working days;
  5. No undertakings shall be allowed.
  6. Approval or Denial of applications shall be sent thru email. Please do not follow up at AMO office unless email notification has not been received within 15 working days.
  7. No person, other than the applicant himself/herself, shall be entertained unless the authorized person is armed with the pertinent Special Power of Attorney/Secretary’s Certificate or Board Resolution in case of corporations, or has a company ID.

** Rest assured that your applications for accreditation will be acted upon within 15 days.