Important Advisory on Accreditation

  1. All applications of existing importers and customs brokers who submitted the new requirements on accreditation on or before 31 July 2014 shall be duly noted by the AMO and shall not be delisted from the CPRS of the E2M System after the aforementioned deadline. Accordingly, the accreditation of these importers and customs brokers shall remain valid and existing until disapproved by AMO prior to its original date of expiration or until the application for BIR-ICC/BIR-BCC was denied by the BIR, whichever comes earlier.
  2. Please note that as provided for by CMO 11-2014, the validity of accreditation shall be the same as that of the BIR-ICC or BIR-BCC. However, in case of updating in the CPRS system, the computer generated Certificate of Registration sent to the email of the applicant has a validity of one year. This is because the CPRS System is not yet configured to adopt with the new rules on accreditation. Therefore, in case of conflict, the validity of accreditation indicated between the computer-generated Certificate of Registration (COR) and the BIR-ICC or BIR-BCC, the latter will prevail.
  3. Considering that the updated CPRS has a validity of only one (1) year, all importers and customs brokers are required to re-lodge their respective CPRS prior to its expiration. For those covered, please submit the printed CPRS profile, together with the “STORED” email notification to AMO.
  4. For applications filed after the July 31 deadline, please note that the AMO has 15 working days to act on your application. However, your application may be acted upon even prior to the 15-working-day window. Accordingly, please always check your email for notifications (whether approved, denied, or for compliance).
  5. For those importers with pending shipments, all your applications are given priority. However, to show proof of pending shipment, please submit a copy of the corresponding bill of lading. Please also present the original copy of the bill of lading for comparison purposes.
  6. For those applicants who submitted receipt of NBI clearance, on or before the July 31 deadline, please submit the original copy of the NBI clearance immediately. All applications without the original copy of the NBI clearance shall be denied.
  7. Only those with BIR-ICC/BIR-BCC with three (3) year validity shall be issued a Certificate of Accreditation.  In case of provisional BIR-ICC/BIR-BCC or BIR OR/STUB only, Certificate of Accreditation shall not be issued except upon formal request by the importer or customs broker and for a valid purpose.
  8. Please also take note of the annual reports to be submitted at AMO. All importers and customs brokers shall submit yearly within fifteen (15) days, to be counted from the date of approval of BOC accreditation, the following documents, to wit:

For All Importers

    1. Updated General Information Sheet and company profile; the company or trade profile in case of partnerships, ssole proprietors or individuals.
    2. Mayors Permit and Proof of lawful occupancy of office.
    3. Updated List of Expected Imports, including, if possible, clear description in both technical and tariff terms including estimated volume and values for the incoming 12 months.
    4. Original or certified true copy of renewed BIR-ICC (to be submitted  every 3 years)

For All Customs Brokers

    1. Updated Professional Profile
    2. Valid PRC I.D.
    3. Updated list of clients with complete address and contact details
    4. List of authorized representatives with personal details, photos and specimen signature
    5. Original or certified true copy of renewed BIR-BCC (to be submitted every 3 years)
  1. Please also note that an importer or customs broker is required to revise its registration in the CPRS within thirty (30) days from substantial change in the material information previously submitted, such as the following:
    1. Change of telephone number and address, i.e. office address and/or warehouse address;
    2. Change of ownership, Corporate Directors and Officers / Partners/ Cooperative Directors and Officers;
    3. Amendment/s to Articles of Incorporation/ Partnership / Cooperation and By-Laws, as approved by the appropriate government agencies;
    4. Dissolution or closure / stoppage of business;
    5. Change in the Signatories, and;
    6. Mergers/Insolvencies.
    7. Change of list of importables

Note: Failure to comply with the annual submission and to change the registration information shall be a ground for suspension, revocation or cancellation of registration.