The following are exempted from accreditation requirements, to wit:

    1. Once-a-year importation;
    2. Importation by parcel post or by informal entry;
    3. Importation of the Philippine Government, its agencies and instrumentalities;
    4. Importation of personal effects, vehicles, motorcycles and household goods of a balikbayan and his/ her family under R.A. No. 6768, as amended, Overseas Contract Workers and other returning residents;
    5. Importation of foreign embassies, consulates, legations, agencies of other foreign governments and international organizations with diplomatic status and recognized by the Philippine government (e.g. Asian Development Bank, World Health Organization). This shall include importation of personal effects and household goods of foreign workers and consultants, and officials and employees of foreign embassies, legations, consular officers and other representatives of foreign governments;